NFL GameDay 2001 PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 13, 2000

Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 16
  2. Negative: 4 out of 16
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  1. CNET Gamecenter
    With all those freshly minted copies of "Madden 2001" on the shelves, there's no reason to pick up NFL GameDay 2001.
  2. 69
    If this particular incarnation of the game were strictly a PSOne effort, it would be a very good one. However, it falls well short of the mark for the PS2.
  3. Antagonist
    Someone - a tester, scriptwriter, programmer... somebody had to say, "Uhhh, guys, this game sucks!" But they published it anyway.
  4. Da Gameboyz
    The only way that I can sum up the PS2 version of Gameday 2001 is that it seems to be a slightly enhanced version of the PSone incarnation. This game just squeaks by with a joystick up.
  5. Until SCEA sits down and actually works to iron out some of the game's bugs and takes steps to improve the realism, GameDay will be mired in Madden's shadow for many seasons to come.
  6. Buggy doesn’t quite describe the gaming experience with this rush-job.
  7. Those who've seen and played "Madden" on the PlayStation 2 will immediately see the difference and recognize that NFL GameDay 2001 is merely a PlayStation game posing as a PlayStation 2 product.
  8. 56
    It does have some bugs not found in previous releases, it feels like it has been rushed to the market and some of the problems that may have been in previous versions of the game might seem more apparent now that the players are more detailed and easier to see.
  9. Until next year, avoid the weak gameplay, shoddy animation, and disappointing graphics. Stick to meaty, mighty, Madden.
  10. Stay away, far, far away from this and let's hope "ESPN NFL Primetime" can give EA some competition.
  11. Put it this way - both "Madden" and Gameday are the same price. If moldy black bananas cost the same as the best 10 ounce sirloin, which would you pick? I don't even eat meat but I know the answer to that one. Do what you do with the moldy bananas - throw them in the landfill.
  12. Overall, however, while NFL GameDay can be quite fun -- especially with two players, rather than solo -- it disappoints because it looks and plays unpolished, like a mere rehash from NFL GameDay 2000 with a few minor bells and whistles.
  13. Daily Radar
    This horrible travesty might cheat a couple of otherwise unsuspecting parents, who meant to buy Madden, out of their hard-earned money with a game that even a chimpanzee with a transplanted goldfish brain could see was unfinished.
  14. 70
    GameDay has always seemed to be chasing EA's Madden games, and this GameDay is no exception, but it still shows some spark, and manages to be a fun mix of football action.
  15. Gameday fans are owed an apology for this morass of bad controls and weak graphics.
  16. 989 Sports should be pelted with sweaty towels for releasing a football game with so many glaring gameplay flaws. When the collision detection is so bad that players can literally run through their fellow athletes, you know something's dreadfully wrong.

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