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  • Summary: New Online Mode: Challenge an opponent from anywhere in the country. Create your own buddy list and chat online while battling out on the gridiron. "AWOL" mode means a computer will take over for an unattended controller during an online matchup. New, 60 frames per second gameplay puts the power and athleticism of the NFL in the palm of your hand. Feel the most responsive control over extremely detailed and fluid animations including 200 new tackles, catches and blocks. Over 70 new "break tackle" animations mean the outcome of each and every play will be different to ensure the highest replay value ever. Revamped catching, blocking and passing systems put you on the field and simulate the action of a real NFL game. Put any offensive skilled player in motion with the press of a button to keep the defense guessing. Expand
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  1. The AI and specific aspects of the gameplay need tweaking, and graphically it could stand a few tweaks too, but very fun to play regardless.
  2. If I felt like I had more control over stopping the pass, I would probably rate Gameday 2003 higher.
  3. An above average football game that will appeal to gamers who are more enthralled with running up the score or having a full-fledged shoot out than an NFL simulation.
  4. If this were an actual NFL season, Madden 2003’s record would be 14-2, NFL 2K3 would be 13-3, and GameDay 2003 would squeak by into the virtual football playoffs as a wildcard with an 9-7 record.
  5. Not even the usefulness of ‘hot routes’ and a lean (but lonely) online mode can keep this horse from being dead last on a three-way race.
  6. No longer an utter mess, but it still isn't in the same league as the top PS2 football games. [Oct 2002, p.30]
  7. As the competition pulls further and further away, GameDay is quickly becoming a punchline, a sad fate for a series that at one point was at the top of the pile.

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