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  1. BrianFlora
    Nov 19, 2008
    Still no regular shootout other than the shootout mini game that only allows you to select from the top players of the year, doesn't allow you to pick goalie, and only allows you to play opponents if it's not the CPU. The old SNES versions and current Xbox counterpart contains it. Also, the shootout shooting is virtually impossible.
    i expected more, and the auto/unchangeable camera view in the new Be A Pro mode is horrendous. I understand it may be for limiting view of the rest of the ice as a real player may be limited, but it's still bad even after this fact. The ratings on Be A Pro are bad as well. After my first season, my player was the Point/Goal/Assist leader of rookies, and the team went to the 2nd round of the playoffs, yet I didn't meet the overall rating requirement of C+. This series is good, and this may be the last one for the PS2 console, but it's stark changes and admittance of key options are its failures.
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