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  • Summary: OPEN ICE CONTROL: Seamlessly switch between players with or without the puck -- call for passes, tell a teammate to shoot, set up a vicious one-timer, or call for a defensive double-team on the fly with the push of a button. TOTAL PLAYER AWARENESS: With more player awareness than ever before, make saucer passes just before the blueline, call in a second defender to break up a 2-on-1, or fire off wrist shots at the perfect angle on net. FACE-OFF PLAYBOOK: New playcalling system allows you to choose offensive and defensive face-off strategies every time the whistle blows. Plan an attack in your opponent's zone or protect the net right before the puck drops. THE WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY: Take part in the excitement of this year's World Cup of Hockey event featuring teams from USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia playing in authentic European and North American venues. ALL-NEW SKATING ENGINE: Glide then use explosive speed to get to the open ice -- now you have more puck-handling and turning control. A refined backwards skating system also allows for unprecedented defensive precision and control. THE DRILL: The intensity explodes off the ice with The Drill -- one net, one goalie, and every man for himself. Up to four can play and the one who scores the most goals wins. ENHANCED EA SPORTS ONLINE: Make a run for the Stanley Cup™: in the world's largest online competition, complete with leaderboards, downloadable rosters, and improved cheating countermeasures. [EA Sports] Expand
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  1. The “Open Ice Control” that the developers implemented in NHL 2005 really expands the entire gameplay, since it adds more strategy to every play that you might go through.
  2. The lax AI from last year's game has been stepped up...An improved Dynasty Mode and the inclusion of the World Cup of Hockey round out this great hockey title. [Sept 2004, p.84]
  3. 83
    If you're looking for a raw, wide-open experience with lots of arcade elements, NHL 2005 is for you...If you're more into the strategy of real hockey—the poke checks, the traps, the dumps, the dekes -- then you'll either have to try to design this game to fit your tastes (which can be frustrating) or go elsewhere.
  4. 80
    Comes up like the Calgary Flames - a very close second - because "ESPN NHL 2K5" is the better game due to its overall complete package. [Dec 2004, p.146]
  5. While EA has been able to make some improvements to their franchise, they just haven’t done enough to keep up with the ice maniacs over at ESPN.
  6. The players look great, but there's too much hitting, too much speed, and too little hockey. [Oct 2004, p.99]
  7. 60
    The bar has been set higher by "ESPN NHL 2K5," whose presentation, sense of realism, and play modes simply outclass, outshine, and outperform those found in NHL 2005.

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