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  • Summary: Pro Stick – New for the PlayStation 2, right stick shooting and puck handling provide add an entirely new level of control. All new commentary by Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda bring all the on-ice action to life like never before. 2K Beats -- Featuring Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Offspring, NOFX, The Ramones, Inner Circle, Mastodon, Operation Ivy, High on Fire and more. [2K Sports] Collapse
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  1. This game satisfies. Good Sound, fast gameplay and an entertaining multiplayer-mode will guarantee loads of fun. Graphics are not up-to-date, but for PS2-standards very detailed. Fans of sports games won‘t be disappointed.
  2. Between the just-right-amount-of-stuff-to-do-without-overwhelming-you franchise mode and nifty mini- and party games, there’s plenty to do this fall. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and dig NHL 2K5 out of your library, just to be reminded how good things used to be.
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  1. Richard
    Apr 3, 2009
    In general the game is great.. I dont like that a goal can be scored through the back of the net.. its happened numerous times.
  2. shawnC
    Dec 30, 2009
    Horrible. Ive started playing this series since 04. Love the 2k series in all games. Even wish nfl was still around. I hate madden. But anyway this series had its best game in 2005 with 2k5. Best gameplay and player controller controls. I buy the new one every year and then return it. Always ask myself why i bother any more. The passing and shooting is so delayed its not funny. Also i find the newer player controller layout are worst and i can't find the right setting i had in 2k5 with dekes and puck protection with what buttons they were. All 2k had to do was copy the 2k5 and input their pro control and new fake moves in without screwing up the orginal gameplay and tempo. Alot of lack of care and even trial. Come on you can't even fix the goals under the net by now. Tell me why should i bother with 2k10. Anybody at 2k even like playing this game. Cuz just seems like they never tried it before production. Expand