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  1. If it isn't obvious by now, I'll make it painfully obvious here...this is a terrible game with no redeemable merits. Championship Paintball 2009 offers absolutely nothing in terms of fun or a rewarding experience. It is one of the most monotone, hollow gaming experiences available and you're better off putting your gaming money elsewhere.
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  1. AaronM.
    Nov 28, 2008
    This game does have a few uniuqe features that are not included in other paintball games. However, this game appears to me to be put together fast and could have been developed far better. The game itself is really short, semi-realistic, and not very many options when dealing with customizations or playability. I give this game a 5 because I know there is lots of room for improvment, still a decent paintball game, but nothing to wait inline for. Full Review »