• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2006

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 100
    Right from the start it conjures an atmosphere of being something special, but to keep that level of quality up consistently over 60 hours ensures that this will be a game that will be talked about for years to come...A work of art, you might say.
  2. 100
    All in all, after playing this game I'm speechless. You've got to hand it to the good old PS2; just as the PS3 is coming out, the PS2 is producing some of the finest games ever seen.
  3. A true epic. It's a dog-eat-dog world in the games industry, and Okami buries the opposition like a load of old bones. [Jan 2007, p.82]
  4. The fighting is so nuanced and altogether joyous it never gets old for a second, and the bosses are simply stunning. Like I said, Zelda only better. [Oct. 2006, p.50]
  5. Simply one of the best games of the generation and I’d even wager to put it up with some of the best of all time.
  6. Okami has elements of many genres—platforming, adventure, RPG and action all apply. But there's more to it than that. There's something so ... joyous about it, in Amaterasu's happy barks, in her running, her jumping, her digging of holes. I found myself ignoring the game for stretches, just doing these things. I don't know if it's the way the controls handle, or the graphics, or what, but it's there. Okami is the video game version of Professor Dumbledore, managing somehow to be both gleeful and august.
  7. A beautiful experience and a real must-have title. Possibly the last great game on PS2. [Mar 2007, p.66]
  8. The game manages to achieve near perfection on every level, from technical to story to gameplay, and presents the player with an enticing world that is impossible to ignore. Even after completing the adventure, you'll be drawn back if only to take in the world.
  9. 100
    It's one of the best-looking, most creative 3D action adventures in recent memory, and every PS2 owner out there owes it to themselves to snap up a copy to enjoy immediately. Truly magical stuff.
  10. The game is epic in scale and length, but its fascinating plot, characters and dialogue (impeccably translated from Japanese) ensures players will devour every second.
  11. 100
    It's an epic quest of rejuvenation, elemental and ornate, in the context of an extended action/RPG/platformer. It’s built from artwork that upstages anything you've seen on a next-gen console. Not since Shadow of the Colossus has a game world been presented so lovingly and evocatively.
  12. The game's music is enchanting, combat is simple but a blast, and it all comes with a full cast of endearingly kooky characters.
  13. Okami’s single player campaign is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever seen, and with its score of collectible items, trees to save and animals to feed as well as characters you like and a story you’ll want to revisit, this is a game you could easily wind up playing twice or thrice.
  14. Despite its easiness, Okami is absolute fun to play, and its length and depth, as well as its superb gameplay and high replayability value, will ensure many an afternoon of total engrossment, trying to help Ammy and Issun fight the evil of all evils. It is indeed the best non-adventure, and one of the best overall games I’ve played in 2006.
  15. 100
    Okami shames them simply by being the genuine article: A stunningly gorgeous and unique masterpiece that effortlessly blends art and storytelling with puzzles and amusement. Miss this landmark effort at your peril. [Oct. 2006, p.78]
  16. 10 / 10 / 10 / 9 - 39 platinum
  17. The replay value for this game is immense as the storyline, sidequesting, and searches for those really rare items just never gets old.
  18. A singluar game that proves videogames can be artistic. It must be played.
  19. I can’t say enough about the graphics. This is true art - yet it doesn’t look stodgy. It’s almost what you would expect an ancient cartoon to look like. Even though each frame looks like a watercolor painting, the colors are vibrant and not washed out.
  20. Upon completing Okami, you may feel like you have just taken in a classic Miyazaki film. The visual/aural presentation and sprawling narrative combine to present the game as an extended vision of an anime epic – equal parts The Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden and Princess Mononoke, with a dash of Ranma ½ for kicks.
  21. Although it is not quite up to par with Zelda, it certainly is in a category of its own. It has a true sense of art and unique style, will captivate many players, and will make a sequel a must.
  22. 96
    Okami is nothing short of an artistically inspired gaming masterpiece.
  23. It’s a sad state of affairs when games as majestic and perfectly constructed as Okami are ignored and world-class development studios such as Clover find themselves closed down after poor sales of their critically acclaimed titles simply because their games don’t feature enough guns or licensed music.
  24. Bold, ambitious, quirky, and ultimately in genious. [Oct 2006, p.74]
  25. The core mission of any game is to create a world that the players want to get lost in, and Okami delivers on this in every way--with the gameplay, with the graphics, and with the story. [Oct. 2006, p.96]
  26. Hands-down one of the best games every released. Not just on the PS2, but ANY system. Yes, it's that good.
  27. Okami effortlessly perfectly captures each and every facet that it sets out to accomplish, while giving the player a fantastic fairy tale experience - there simply isn’t any other way to describe it than amazing.
  28. All in all Okami is an important treat for the senses. I urge you to... indulge.
  29. Okami is a game that demands to be experienced. Amaterasu would wish it so.
  30. Simply stunning... It's touching and near impossible to resist. Your heart will melt, your eyes will do little wheelies and your brain will send you yummy jolts of happiness as thanks. [JPN Import; July 2006, p.78] A compelling, beautiful game that's one of the most enjoyble adventures in years. [Feb 2007, p.70]
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 235 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 73 out of 76
  2. Negative: 1 out of 76
  1. Apr 27, 2011
    10/10 = Masterpiece = Every second of your life that you pour into this stunning masterpiece of a video game is not one second of it wasted.
  2. Sarurun
    Jan 24, 2009
    We've all heard about Okami's stunning graphics, unique gameplay, and epic story art, but I believe the finer features of the game are incredibly under-appreciated. Okami's Nippon has been fine-tuned to feel like a real world--one where things happen outside the main character's life, one where people are real people with personalities and lives, one that you want to explore from nose to tail. Okami has a focus on the environment which, combined with the unique and somewhat abstract graphics, shows the beauty of nature in a new light. Unlike the Zelda games Okami is so commonly compared to (and with good reason), as well as other saving-the-world stories, Okami seems to be more about saving the land itself, not just the people of the land, which brings an original and gratifying element into play. The gibberish voices of the characters may be annoying at times but adds to the sense that you're in another world in another time, where people don't actually speak English. Aided by brilliant animation and beautifully composed music, Okami is a masterpiece not to be missed. If there is any one game that could be considered 'art', this is it. Take off your goggles and dive in. You won't want to come out. Full Review »
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Few videogames stand the test of time, and Okami is certainly one of them. Perhaps it's the unparalleled graphics, the unique characters and story, or maybe it's the setting and atmosphere.When people are talking about "Art in videogames" I think of Okami. Even 6 years after it's release, not a single game came close to it's vision and magnitude in graphical design, from my perspective. There are games that have better graphics, for granted, but there are few that can challenge Okami's beautiful art direction and visuals. But the fact is that Okami is charming not only in it's graphics but also with it's humor and characters, and especially The little jokes/nuances are very endearing. The game also boasts some of the finest bosses I'v seen in videogames, as well as the ways of beating them. A 40 hour campaign and a vast array of unique locations make okami feel big and full of adventure. The story is a classic "good VS evil" affair but not so much that it descends to kitsch, thanks to the brilliant writing and fantastic characters. For me the overall experience was practically perfect. It's one of "those" games that you come back to every year and play again, just to remind yourself why you love videogames and also to remember the experience itself, one that will always stay with you. Full Review »