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  1. 65
    The fact that there’s not much more you can do apart from hit a ball over a net makes Volleyball games unfulfilling and extremely limited.
  2. Yet, for all its inventive environments and distracting gameplay attributes, the borderline nudity in Outlaw Volleyball Remixed, combined with an overabundance of ill-fitting arcade traits sullies the enjoyment well beyond reprieve.
  3. The most frustrating thing about Outlaw Volleyball Remixed is that, were it not for the stupid posturing and the fact that it's a clunky port of a 2-year-old title, it's not inherently that bad of a game.
  4. There’s a distinct lack of sand for those who flock to the Olympic tournaments and too little action for the casual gamer.
  5. If, however, you enjoy tongue in cheek sports spoofs, scantily clad girls and, ahem, volleyball, then you’re in luck.
  6. Certainly Outlaw Volleyball Remixed can’t be accused of short changing anyone, but it is also firmly and comfortably in the realm of 'not bad'.
  7. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    A lazy rehash. [Nov 2005, p.129]
  8. PSM Magazine
    So-so for gaming alone, but it's fun enough if you're online or with friends. [Aug 2005, p.84]
  9. I was literally crying with laughter when I pulled this out of the post bag at the office, waiting to rip it to pieces and label it as a glorified sex toy. Well it is, but there’s some damn fine gameplay there too.
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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    There is one thing that you need from a random sports title from a decade (or decades) ago that would make it relevant and worth playing yearsThere is one thing that you need from a random sports title from a decade (or decades) ago that would make it relevant and worth playing years later, and that is intense battles. Whether your playing multi-player or against the CPU, if you give this game a chance and look past it's horrible attitude you will get some intense competition coming from a sport you would not expect.

    While the character designs and voice acting is grating and embarrassing, why I'm bothering writing a review for this game is that the game-play is spot on. You have the option to switch between both team mates on the fly, but where this game truly shines is getting the best out of your CPU team mate, making sure they are where they need to be, calling for the ball when the shot is perfect. It's this type or strategy the goes beyond what i think even the developers expecting out of this game.

    Your opponents will hold up their end too, they are tough and unpredictable which is a key in making a random sports game still relevant years later, you don't know what to expect at times, there is no learning curve that is going to protect you.

    Whether the sport is boring or not to watch in real life, when you have unpredictable A.I in opponents, and an A.I partner who you can shape and mold to be the ultimate set-up machine, this is the game to play when NBA 2k14 or Madden 14 become to easy and predictable to be fun anymore.
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