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  • Summary: In Pac Man World Rally, players can race through a variety of environments from Pac Man World as Pac Man, Pac Jr. and other characters from past Namco classics. Players kart race for the win or fight it out in colorful Battle Arenas with special weapons, power ups and variety Pac-Man powers. The game also features the Prince of all Cosmos from the award-winning Katamari series as an unlockable character. Making a debut in his first kart racing game, the Prince can be unlocked by winning a Gold Trophy in all Circuit Cups within the EASY difficulty setting. [Namco Bandai] Expand
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  1. The game's simplicity, however, doesn't give it a long shelf life, so it's best to play live opponents. An online play option could have alleviated that.
  2. A well made game that's a lot of fun, but it doesn't break any new ground. Worth giving a shot anyway.
  3. Pac-Man World Rally looks and sounds the part, with strong, though simple, visuals and a score created in part by Dweezil Zappa and Tommy Tallarico. Yet these are the only areas of the game that feel fully developed.
  4. OK, it's a bog-standard mini-kart game, but it's good at what it does. [June 2007, p.85]
  5. There are some unique elements to Pac Man, like the fruit shortcuts and being able to chomp other racers, but outside of that everything from track design to powerups just looks like the same recycled ideas that we’ve all seen a thousand times before.
  6. You know, there's a little thing called the multitap that allows four people to play the same PS2 game. For whatever reason, you PS2 owners only get to hook up with one other gamer, as two-player split-screen is the option you're given. You may not be fighting over who gets to play anyway, but the feature would have been nice.

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  1. Oct 7, 2014
    This game has some problems but overall it is a really fun racing game with cute design for the race tracks and the little things in it. Don't let the critics fool you because this is a fun game. Expand