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  • Summary: Phantom Brave is the spiritual successor to 2003's strategy role-playing game "Disgaea: Hour of Darkness." Enter thirteen-year-old orphan Marona who lives alone on Phantom Isle Island. Marona isn't your average child, as she has the uncanny ability to see and manipulate spirits, one of whom happens to be Ash, a swordsman who died alongside Marona's mother and father. Ash serves as a companion and guardian to Marona, counseling her as she works to help people in the surrounding islands who rely on her abilities. Key Phantom Brave features include: No more grids! Free-roaming battle system allows you to strategically place your characters anywhere you want on the battle field; Create and customize the jobs of your soldiers with over 400 different skills and magical spells; Step-by-step tutorials will have even the novice player up and running in no time; Experience 20 heart-warming episodes spread over 100 hours of game play; Dual language option! Select either the original Japanese voices or the all new English dub. [Atlus Software] Expand
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  1. It is amazing how many different stats go into the Phantom Brave.
  2. The soundtrack is catchy and at times, especially when the plot turns darker, extremely haunting as well.
  3. 87
    As for best in the pseudo-series, it's a tossup between this and "Disgaea," and will likely come down to a debate over the free-roaming battle system and the confinement system.
  4. Phantom Brave is an excellent follow up in Nippon Icchi Software’s European conquest and it can easily be recommended to fans of tactical, turn-based battles, who are not intimidated by it’s rough visuals. [May 2005, p.70]
  5. Yet another huge, personality drenched, comically deep strategy RPG from othe new masters. [Oct 2004, p.32]
  6. Even gamers weaned on "Final Fantasy" and the like who are looking to expand their horizons into the realm of strategy (which I highly suggest) should find plenty of enjoyment in its sympathetic characters and engaging gameplay. [Sept 2004, p.80]
  7. Phantom Brave is a game of methodical persistence. There's very little here to reward smart players.

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Score distribution:
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  3. Negative: 2 out of 7
  1. Sep 22, 2010
    Phantom Brave has a great battle system, nice visual style, and the story had a lot of potential. Unfortunately it's battle system, visuals, and music are too similar to that of other (better) games and the story ends up being extremely weak. Die hard fans of tactical RPGs will likely find a things to enjoy here, especially fans of similar games like Disgaea, La Pucelle, or the excellent Soul Nomad & The World Eaters. If your new to strategy RPGs you'll have to put up with the steep learning curve pretty much every game in the genre has. Veteran players of games like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics will likely be disappointed by it's poor story and it's close resemblance to other (better) NIS games. That said if your new to Strategy RPGs or want another game to scratch your strategy RPG itch your better off playing Disgaea or NIS's 2007 Soul Nomad and the World Eaters which is superior to Phantom Brave in literally every way. Collapse

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