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  • Summary: Zuma is a fast-paced action puzzler requiring quick reflexes and pattern-solving strategy as players rotate the stone frog at the center of the screen to shoot colored balls into place. Make sets of three or more balls to succeed – and don't let the chain of balls reach the golden skull. Heavy Weapon is a light-hearted side-scrolling action game in which players strive to defeat hordes of enemy armies in the form of tanks, jeeps, fighter jets, helicopters and other land and air vehicles. Power-ups and secret weapons that provide additional speed, shields, firepower and more help the player overcome increasingly nasty enemy forces and bosses while progressing through levels representing the oppressed (fictitious) countries over which the war is being waged. Multiplayer modes available for the PlayStation 2 version of the game enable players to join a friend for furious shoot-'em-up fighting in multiplayer Arms Race and War Party modes. In addition, PopCap Hits Volume 2 provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access in "The Making of a Classic." Explore early game concepts, high-res game art, and video clips featuring development history and tips from the games' creators. [PopCap Games] Expand
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  1. From the moment you boot up PopCap Hits! Vol. 2, you realize that PopCap didn't just copy and paste two of their titles with the old structure of Vol. 1 and call it a day. They looked at some of the issues with the first compilation and improved on it in every way possible.
  2. 60
    I understand the draw of playing Zuma and Heavy Weapon -- I dig'em -- but I can't fathom buying them on the PS2. You can play these titles on your computer where they'll be free and better looking.