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  • Summary: The perennial boys favorite TV show and toy franchise enters its 12th season with a combination which is sure to be more appealing than ever - Power Rangers AND Dinosaurs. The mad scientist Mesagog has plans to send the world back into the age of dinosaurs. Through the power of the Dino Gems, three students are transformed into the Dino Thunder Power Rangers. The mission: to top Mesagog and his Tyrannodrones by utilizing the Dino Zords, powerful creatures which are part dinosaur and part machine, which the Dino Gems enable the Rangers to control. [THQ] Expand
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  1. Although there's really nothing outrageously bad about Dino Thunder, I ofter found myself a little bored with being a giaint robotic dinosaur, which just shouldn't happen. [Dec 2004, p.16]
  2. While fans of the show will get a kick out of controlling the Zords, the gameplay is so repetitive and uninspired that most will find it boring. If that isn’t bad enough, the game is short.
  3. A good entry level game for the beginners, but anyone else should probably take a pass, but then again, at a budget price, older, complete diehard fans, may want to take a chance.
  4. The game’s ridiculously repetitive and uninspired gameplay, combined with production values that would make nearly any gamer cry don’t form a winning combination.
  5. 45
    Dino Thunder’s overall lack of depth, difficulty and graphical pizzazz will forever delegate it to your little brother’s (or sister’s) game shelf.
  6. Dino Thunder is obviously trying to mimic the feel of free-roaming gameplay, but it fails to be entertaining about it. [Jan 2005, p.106]
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  1. BillyS.
    Sep 15, 2004
    This game rocks.
  2. JackM.
    Nov 20, 2004
    This game is great.....One of the best i've played in a long time! The only fault i would give it is the shortness of the game of it but dont let that stop you!!! You will get hours of fun from this Brand new up to date Game of POWER RANGERS DINO THUNDER. Expand