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  1. Jun 3, 2013
    pretty pathetic beat em up.
    positives:unlockable ranger which makes no sense as he was not in the tv series or any media.
    if you liked the snes PR game which was entirely a beat em up you might like this downgrade.
    negatives:A LOT of rangers are missing unlocking the ranger requires you simply finish the game. thats a vote of no confidence right there. the biggest down of them all,
    theres no zords in this game at all. the levels are horrible from poor navigation to poor design, every ranger plays and practically looks the same, the beat em up aspect is of very poor quality, the controls and moves can look simple but be difficult to actually pull off because of shoddy responses and controls, jumping is very poorly done, from what i remember theres no voice acting or CG and theres no real story other than go here and do this. in other words this is a terrible game, avoid. Expand

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  1. 40
    Power Rangers: Super Legends is a generic beat-‘em-up. The game’s AI is limited, and there are only a few redeemable features. Unless you’re a die-hard fan, then there is little on offer for you to enjoy.
  2. These Super Legends are only so for the indefectible Power Rangers fans. It’s an absolutely mediocre game, that shouldn’t be played by anyone who knows of what a real videogame is made.