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  1. Positive: 43 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. Looks and sounds awesome, plays really, really well. The controls are among the best I have seen on a console platform. Good cinematics, plot, atmosphere... A top game. [Mar. 05]
  2. The core here is the combat, which is easily some of the best ever seen on any system, and finally provides a compelling alternative to the endless flow of World War II shooters in recent years.
  3. Project: Snowblind is one cool game.
  4. Even with a lackluster story and an almost overwhelming glut of features, Project: Snowblind manages to hold these disparate elements together remarkably well.
  5. 88
    It's as well-rounded a title as we're likely to see on this current generation of platforms. While it lacks a certain degree of charm, it more than makes up for its slight hint of the mundane with a diverse and extraordinarily well-paced sort of action.
  6. The smooth and sharp aiming system is a rarity among PS2 shooters and the multiple firing modes for each weapon are great. But it's a shame stealth isn't more central to gameplay. Project Snowblind is better than "Killzone" but not up there with the Xbox heavyweights. [GamesMaster]
  7. The atmosphere, action, and variety of special abilities make Project Snowblind an enjoyable experience.
  8. What could have been just another First-Person Shooter instead proves itself to be one of the most fun times to be had on a home console this year. It isn’t the most innovate game on the block, but it is one of the most entertaining.
  9. I liken it to a big budget Hollywood movie, sure there isn't anything super surprising or ground breaking, but it sure is entertaining.
  10. The skillfully crafted Project: Snowblind calls on the best of what we enjoy about the genre, but the game feels nicely removed from the norm. [March 2005, p.52]
  11. A fast-paced thrill-ride in a solid single-player campaign, complemented by an above-average multiplayer component.
  12. The bio-augmentations and weaponry are an especially pleasant surprise that open the door to literally hundreds of tactical possibilities, and the game’s visual presentation is second to none.
  13. Those without a network adapter are left in the dark as Project: Snowblind unfortunately contains no split screen multiplayer.
  14. It delivers a solid, fast-paced experience that provides a nice balance between the fresh and the familiar.
  15. While the sheer amount of stuff that can happen onscreen at one is impressive, the graphics fall a bit short. [Apr 2005, p.117]
  16. 83
    With a horde of weapons, enemies, and strategies, PS2 gamers will find themselves smiling happily to themselves. The Project was a success.
  17. So there are a few niggles that stop this game being a classic. The game does nothing radically new, but it does take some good bits from other games and blend them together pretty well.
  18. 82
    The vision it presents of our military future is... well, actually, pretty damn cool.
  19. Project: Snowblind starts off with huge potential. The graphics, sounds, and controls are well done, even with the minor complaints.
  20. A lack of enthusiasm in the sounds, repetitive and sometimes dull environments, and the terrible character animations keep this game out of the elite category.
  21. Definitely good for relieving stress, it’s just a couple of notches away from first person greatness.
  22. From a technical standpoint, how the framerate stays so smooth with all the action on screen is amazing, and the spot-on controls are icing on the cake.
  23. Features some very original and compelling ideas that make playing through the single player game an absolute blast, however it's very unfortunate that it just doesn't carry over into the multiplayer portion well at all.
  24. It has all the making to be a great game but just doesn't do anything to really make it to a great game.
  25. It's no "Halo 2," but excellent level design and the infusion of the augmentations into multiplayer via a class-based player structure adds a welcome bit of variety to the mix.
  26. But it’s this focus on action, strong weapons and robust gameplay that proves to be Project: Snowblind’s strongest aspect; it’s just a good, solid, enjoyable romp with a strong multiplayer component.
  27. From graphics to cool weapons, and from in-depth online multiplayer options galore to the choice of using stealth or brawn to complete missions, Crystal Dynamics’ FPS shooter is just what the doctor ordered for the genre-deficient PS2.
  28. When set against the PS2's existing gallery of not-quite legendary online shooters, this game sticks out like an Oscar-winner at an acting workshop. It's worth a look. [Apr 2005, p.66]
  29. The weapons themselves are extremely overwhelming to the enemy soldiers.
  30. If only the game put you in a few more situations that demanded strategy. I had a fun enough time sprinting from one massive firefight to the next, nailing glowy-eyed enemies like paper targets, but I only felt the need to pick a particular gun or change bionics about half the time.
  31. The levels are varied and interesting; each one more fascinating than the next. The lighting effects, particle effects and sound effects are spectacular and even rival that of the Xbox version.
  32. 80
    A rare breed of FPS these days, as it's both high in quality and uniqueness. The mechanics of "Deus Ex" work tremendously well in a high-intensity atmosphere.
  33. 80
    Most notably, the game does its best to reward creative pathfinding. Do a little searching in each level and you'll find myriad vents, air ducts, and the like, which, when utilized, help give you the jump on your opponents and let you avoid head-on fights.
  34. 80
    The idea was great. An action-packed explosive futuristic urban warfare FPS – but Eidos have not spent enough time on graphics, sound, story, handling and marketing.
  35. A solid, straightforward first-person shooter. It manages to stumble, gasping and grinning, from the no-man's land of "adequate" and into the green zone of "good," mostly due to the assorted flairs and presentational touches that make all the difference.
  36. 80
    The game is sharp, and it's fun. Its main flaw is its timing. Amidst a crowded Xbox field, PS2 shooter lovers are going to appreciate this one.
  37. If Snowblind had a more compelling story or rewarded you for exploring its complexities, it could have been an instant classic. Ultimately, though, it's yet another solid shooter in a season of solid shooters.
  38. Packing some great environment design, gameplay that manages to pick up to a rather addictive level, and boisterous online features that will leave the nagging frag genes within you itching for more.
  39. Tight controls, inventive action scenes and solid artificial intelligence all combine to make the single-player mode an excellent experience.
  40. Project: Snowblind's most inviting attributes is its jumble of powers and weapon classifications. Everything else however is just not perpetuating the game in the genre-defining standards it should be setting instead of rehashing.
  41. If you're on FPS junkie, then I'm sure you'll have a hoot with the game and it'll be worth your time and money.
  42. Project: Snowblind is pretty straightforward stuff and consists mainly of linear, corridor based action, but it does its job as well as any other shooter available on the PS2.
  43. It just isn't as good as other offerings in its genre, and it offers occasional, frustrating glimpses of a much better game.
  44. While Snowblind never truly escapes the feeling of being a well-dressed, derivative run’n’gun shooter, it never fails to get the running and gunning right, and in that respect, at least, it’s a sound success. [March 2005, p.86]
  45. If you fancy the idea of action-oriented "Deus Ex" then a rental is completely essential as you'll easily romp through it inside two evenings.
  46. The strong visual style is yet again backed up by the all-purpose Renderware engine; environments are highly-detailed, the resolution is crisp and the lighting effects are startling. The sound too is impressive.
  47. 70
    Using the various bio-augmentations is a hoot (one makes you invulnerable, another slows down time, etc.) Unfortunately, the developers were damn stingy with the save points, which means you'll be replaying some levels more times than you'd like.
  48. It's really nothing more than a run-of-the-mill shooter with some serious balance issues. The story lacks any emotional impact, so you'll be constantly skipping the cut scenes, and rarely listening to any of the dialog, and that's just sad considering this game is set in the world of "Deus Ex."
  49. It seems content simply toying with features found in other first-person shooters and doesn’t really go the distance with any of them. The result is a decent if predictable shooter saved by a beefy online component. It might be inspired, but that doesn’t make it inspirational.
  50. It’s heritage only goes to highlight its pedigree as solider sci-fi we’re all a little familiar with. Another pint of Saturn’s finest, barman.
  51. Project: Snowblind sn't quite as blinding as some of the Xbox's FPS offerings but this game is more than capable of keeping PS2 marksmen happy.
  52. 60
    A rather forgettable, derivative FPS experience. Only worth a try if you're absolutely desperate for a shooter fix, and don't care about dropping some cash for a copycat title.
  53. 60
    Easily forgotten, Project: Snowblind delivers on the promise of an FPS game and nothing more. Were it the only option, it would be instantly snatched up; however in a crowded market, there's no reason to settle for "average" when you could be playing "great."
  54. Unfortunately, the difference between what Crystal Dynamics wanted to do with Snowblind and the finished product is a crevasse that good intentions fall well short of bridging, leaving the game lying in a Wile E. Coyote-style could of dust at the bottom. [March 2005, p.110]
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  1. Jul 22, 2012
    This is a very good sleeper hit. It's such a shame it didn't see the success that it deserves because it is such a great game. The plot differentiates itself from other shooters and the combat is incredibly fun. Overall it is an awesome title that deserves your attention. Full Review »
  2. DarrinL
    Aug 3, 2009
    Project Snowblind truly surprised me, it was my 1st experience with a futuristic, strategic game. i am a huge fan of splinter cell, and this game was right up the same alley. i especially liked the weapon selection offered to me in this game. the story line is good and the controls are great. i give this game a playability rating high Full Review »
  3. JavierP.
    Oct 19, 2006
    Hey this game is better than the other shotting games I have ever had.