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  1. Jul 21, 2011
    Almost unplayable, but such a majestic way to go out right IREM? Lack of consumer interest in the series in Japan aside, IREM have put together a nice little parting gift to likely their niche of fans here in the West and mostly in the East. Its suitable given that R-Type Delta came out so long ago its like chewing on year old potato chips in terms of game play innovations. Its the same game with a few minor exceptions and many would also argue that the better game is in fact the former. I would argue simply- this game was not made for this hardware. The Playstation 2 was a beast back in 2000 and it tore through to the finish line by being modestly more powerful than the Dreamcast (although this was never seen after SEGA pulled the plug). However, that doesn't mean that every game that was made for it ran well on the hardware. Shadow of Colossus chugged, God of War chugged, and R-type final nearly died right out of the gate. When I started the first level and bumped into an astonishingly large robotic crab I though their was something wrong with my Playstation, but it turns out that the game was just trying to look too awesome apparently. Its practically unplayable and although slowdown was an issue periodically in the R-type series it was never meant to still be an issue this far in. Even more disappointing is the lack of care by even hardcore fans when it came to the issue at hand. Even they would claim it made large fire fights easier to get through and they practically welcome the lurching frame rate right into their game play experience. Its unacceptable, though many put up with it God of war II, a title that admittedly pushed the hardware to the extreme end of its capabilities possibly even slightly less that Shadow Of the Colossus did, and we're supposed to be excited when a horizontal space shooter can't keep up that 60 frames per second? That reason that was arguable the bread and butter of the argument as to why the Playstation 2 was quote "better" than the Dreamcast hardware. It could output those frames per second at a nice consistency that looked so fluid to the human eye. R-type final boasts a meandering 60 FPS while dropping to below 30 FPS in very "busy" sections. Its frustrating because it ruins the experience of the game when you're eye keeps detecting that motion is no longer smooth anymore on you're TV. Even worse the sudden speed ups can get you killed very easily. What an upsetting finale for such a great series. Expand
  2. Jun 18, 2012
    You know, for some reason I have always sucked completely at horizontal shooters. I can play the crap out of a vertical one but not a horizontal. But I have ALWAYS felt at home with the horizontal R-Type series, one of my favorite game series of all time. And this game is probably the best in the genre, at least aside from space shooter masterpiece Ikaruga. BUY IT. There is so much content in this game it's unbelievable. Expand
  3. Apr 24, 2014
    Let me tell you about R-type. This **** is for real gamers only. Go **** play your bull**** Candy Crush or Farmville, or whatever the **** you want. But if you want some **** high intensity action play this game. I was playing this at my **** Robert's place. He told me he say like Final Fantasy were tight when oyu were younger and had all this **** time, but nowadays we don't have time for that level grindy bull****. We need action. We need R-type. tenouttaten Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

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  1. This 2D shooter in a 3D environment may look slightly frayed around the edges and dated in many respects but with so few proper video shooters that go back to the real roots of arcade blasting this is a nice short fix.
  2. Despite R-Type Final’s high level of difficulty’s ability to bring out the masochist in all of us, this title is a wonderful close to an amazing series.
  3. My only gripe is a lack of multiplayer mode. It's fun, but not as fun as you and a friend taking the Bydo head on. Still, Fresh Games, Eidos, and Irem get kudos for giving us one more memory of R-Type, and the excellence it maintained all this time.