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Summary: The latest fantasy RPG by tri-Ace, developers of "Valkyrie Profile" and the "Star Ocean" series. An emotional story about the conflict between humans and fairy creatures is complemented by a new gameplay system that draws the player deep into the game. The kingdom of Radiata lies in a world where humans and fairy creatures coexist. It is here that the protagonists, Jack and Ridley, meet for the first time. While Jack seeks to become a knight, Ridley must accept her fate in becoming one. Destinies are realized when a war erupts between the humans and the fairy creatures and threatens to end the world of Radiata. The popular traditional real-time battle system known for its straightforward controls and extravagant presentation has a new element. By forming a "link" attack, the player can execute combos and other moves with all party members joining as one. There are over 150 characters that Jack can recruit throughout his adventure. It is up to the player whether they journey alone or seek out others to journey with. Every playable character is beneficial in some way. [Square Enix]
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Rating: T
Developer: Tri-Ace
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence Language Suggestive Themes Use of Alcohol and Tobacco Use of Drugs and Alcohol
Cast Credit
Hiroshi Konishi Character Design
Tatsuya Shoji Technical Programming
Atsushi Kobayashi Recording Engineer
Masashi Hirose Voice: Dynas Stone
Noriyuki Iwadare Music Arrangement
Noriyuki Iwadare Music Arrangement
Yoshiharu Gotanda Technical Programming
Motoi Sakuraba Music Composer
Masaki Norimoto Supervisor
Masaaki Yamashima Character Motion Design Support
Kenichi Kanekura Movie Production
Yasuhiro Akimoto Character Creation
Naruhiro Kishimoto Character Creation
Emi Noto World Design
Nana Kaneda Effect Creation Support
Kenichi Kaneko Effect Creation Support
Tatsuro Torikai Effect Creation Support
Mariko Kamiya Effect Creation Support
Yasuhiko Shibuya Character Motion Design Support
Yasuhiko Shibuya Effect Creation Support
Yasuhito Shinchi Character Motion Design Support
Yukinori Masuda Movie Production
Kenichi Someya Movie Production
Yoshinori Yamagishi Producer
Dai Matsumoto Voice: Leonard Ford
Kazunori Hashimoto Recording Staff
Sakura Munakata Motion Capture Director
Ken Hatsuumi Motion Design
Keisuke Matsumoto Motion Design
Naoki Akiyama Director
Kentaro Arakawa Planning
Shinya Ukawa Planning
Kentaro Takemoto Planning
Masatoshi Mitori Game Composition
Masatoshi Mitori Scenario
Koji Yamashita Executive Producer
Yosuke Saito Executive Producer
Kazuki Yahashitani Event Direction
Takaaki Hoshiyama Programming
Teruki Okushi Programming
Natsuki Nishimura Programming
Shogo Yoshino Programming
Hirohumi Tsuda Programming
Takeshi Jonoo Character Design
Kunihiro Kanada Character Creation
Tomoaki Sato Character Creation
Yasuhisa Fukuma World Design
Kenishi Yamahashi World Design
Franki Pun In Shek Character Motion Design
Yuichiro Endo Character Motion Design
Yuki Hosokawa Character Motion Design
Takami Kubo Character Motion Design
Toyotake Ishida Character Motion Design
Yudai Niwa Character Motion Design
Tomonori Nakata Character Motion Design
Takuya Saito Character Motion Design
Yukiko Matsuse Character Motion Design
Ong Boon Siong Wilson Character Motion Design
Kenji tokita Script
Yoshinobu Oyama Script
Shintaro Sano Script
Takuro Sato Script
Masato Takai Script
Toshifumi Nakae Script
Kenji Goshima Supervisor
Akira Nakamura Planning Support
Masayasu Nishida Planning Support
Takashi Sato Planning Support
Ryosuke Yokono Script Support
Akiyuki Tomiyama Script Support
Takuma Hori Script Support
Kaoiri Shibuya Character Motion Design Support
Rie Izumi Character Motion Design Support
Yui Nishio Character Motion Design Support
Chikaaki Tokuhiro System Supervisor
Takeshi Kitamura System Supervisor
Ryoi Shirakawa Movie Production
Kanako Fukumoto Movie Production
Naoki Hamada Movie Production
Hiroya Hatsushiba Sound Programming
Yusabuto Shimojo Sound Design Director
Yurika Dennis Production Producer
Gerard Jakubowicz Production Supervisor
David Anglero ADR Engineer
Samuel Perales Jr. ADR Editor
Yasuyuki Abe Recording Staff
Miki Umezu Recording Staff
Masashi Sakamoto Motion Capture Producer
Koji Hayashi Motion Design
Go Sakuyama Motion Design
Nobuyoshi Ishii Motion Design
Masanori Tomita Motion Actor
Hiromi Shinjo Motion Actor
Shoji Nitta Motion Actor
Emiko Saito Motion Actor
Sawako Akimoto Motion Actor
Masakazu Ikeda Motion Actor
Norkiko Mihara Recording Engineer
Tekuteku Aruka End Theme
Yuka Imaizumi Vocal
Philip D. Gibbon Translator
Noriko Iwahara Translator
Itsuki Fujisue Music Composer
Tamaki Nami Vocal Artist
Mizuki Saitou Voice: Ganz Rothschild
Takeharu Oonishi Voice: Salute Larks
Kenichi Ogata Voice: Jarne Colton
Ken Takeuchi Voice: Genius Weissheit
Nami Tamaki Voice: Nami Tamaki
Steve Kramer Director
Ezra Weisz Director
Alex Gordon ADR Editor
Ken Narita Voice: Cross Ward
Yui Horie Voice: Natsume Nagi
Sanae Kobayashi Voice: Ridley Silverlake
Junko Takeuchi Voice: Jack Russell
Tomoe Hanba Voice: Adele Russell
Mitsuru Miyamoto Voice: Lucian Hewitt
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#45 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
#35 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005