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  1. 95
    It's easily one of the top 10 PlayStation 2 games you can lay your hands on. For me, it's probably one of my top 10 games of all-time. There's so much to enjoy, and even though PS2's visuals aren't quite as good as they were on GCN, my jaw still drops at the art design and how immersive the worlds are.
  2. An amazing achievement in a variety of ways: Its inspired, state-of-the-art cinematic presentation works extremely well with its relentlessly exciting, white-knuckle action, all of which is wrapped up in a decidedly lengthy adventure chock-full of hidden secrets and bonus extras.
  3. The graphics are beautiful, the monsters are unreal, and the gameplay is the most action-packed a survival/horror game has ever been.
  4. Clocking in at over 25 hours of gameplay (if you've never played before), RE4 never once bogs down in rehash or mindless repetition, managing to keep the pace on "alert" from start to finish which is a most impressive feat considering most two hour movies can't sustain that level of suspense.
  5. Simply put, Resident Evil 4 is a landmark video game, no matter what system you play it on... Truly brilliant. [Nov 2005, p.158]
  6. 100
    Anyone who doesn't own a GameCube, however, would be smoking crack rocks the size of my fist not to buy this game. At forty dollars, it is worth every penny, and given the quality of the translation to the aged hardware of the PlayStation 2, is absolutely one of the best games on the system.
  7. 90
    While the controls can get a tad touchy and the visuals aren't quite as crisp as they once were, any gamer in the know deserves to check this game out. It's just that good.
  8. If the idea of 20 hours of palpitating living nightmares sounds like your idea of fun, then you have no choice but to part with your cash immediately. If only all videogames were this brilliant.
  9. As a whole, ["Separate Ways" is] an excellent bonus that features far too much content and gameplay to be considered gimmicky or tacked on.
  10. The combat gameplay is unrivaled, especially during some of the very creative boss battles. It's also the longest Resident Evil game yet, with 25 - 30 hours of gameplay on two discs along with a ton of unlockables that will make you want to do it all over again.
  11. 100
    The thing that makes RE4 so much fun is that the developers took a cue from modern zombie films, eschewing the clichéd shuffling zombie in favor of savvier, more intelligent opponents.
  12. Simply put, Resident Evil 4 is the tightest, most accessible game in the series and one of the best games out there.
  13. 100
    So while only the most die-hard fans should re-open their wounded wallet a second time, anyone who missed it owes it to themselves to play one of the best games of this generation.
  14. You'll need to bring your A game, as this is unapologetically difficult, but you'll be rewarded for your effort with one of the most polished shooters of this console generation.
  15. 100
    It is by far the best single player action experience you are going to find on the PS2 this year - and the best Resident Evil game since "Resident Evil 2."
  16. Capcom have achieved that great feat of managing to shed off the problems of the past without forgetting how they came to be here and the result is not only a joy to play but, compared to previous titles, is almost epic in length and introduces extra missions and weapons after the first time through that enhance the replay value even further.
  17. Capcom turned the venerable but stagnant series around with Evil 4 [Nov p.72]
  18. From 30-foot-tall bosses down to the tiny embroidery on Ada's dress, the overall design and attention to detail is among the best in any game. Which really could be said for almost every aspect of RE4-don't miss this game.
  19. The highest compliment I can pay to the already highly lauded Resident Evil 4 is this: it makes all other games in its genre seem utterly pointless.
  20. 95
    While the GC version is superior in key areas, RE4 is still an absolutely fantastic game and arguably this generation’s finest.
  21. The PS2 version has slightly uglier graphics and slight framerate issues, but the horror adventure itself is just as good as it was on the Cube. [Dec 2005]
  22. Every moment spent in the game world, from the ramshackle village to the far-from-abandoned military installation, is pure, adrenaline-fuelled fun. The game doesn't want to be big or clever - it wants to take you on a roller-coaster ride that leaves you breathless. And it does.
  23. Quite simply, the ideal sequel: The developers have managed to not only bolster and dramatically improve the good qualities of an RE title, but also completely drain out the bad aspects of the RE franchise. It's a perfectly executed reinvention of a stagnating franchise. [Dec 2005, p.128]
  24. Not playing through it from beginning to end would be missing out on a major milestone in gaming history, not to mention a hell of a lot of fun. [Dec 2005, p.70]
  25. The controls are brilliant, the presentation is spot-on, and the game is without a doubt one of the most entertaining titles to be released this year.
  26. The game itself will last you more than 20 hours, and with the extra content and hidden extras, you'd be doing yourself a big favor if you went out and bought the game as soon as possible.
  27. And most uniquely of all, the single-player-only game easily packs in around 30 hours of gameplay, making it extremely good value for money.
  28. This is the single best survival horror game ever made, besting even the Silent Hill series in raw visceral thrills. It’s not nearly as scary, but it makes up for it with an incredible story, tons of replay value, and a game length that’s uncharacteristically stretched for the series.
  29. As close as a game has ever come to being flawless. A sublime exercise in action gaming that'll blow your mind. This is why you play videogames. [PSM2]
  30. If you want to admire the game's beauty, you'd best watch a friend play. After the shock, the gore and suspicious stains in our undergarments, we've only got one thing to say. Welcome back. [PSW]
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  1. Nov 28, 2011
    This game was ok. What i don't understand is this isn't a survival horror game, resident was always about zombies, surviving on minimal ammo.
  2. Sep 19, 2013
    Resident Evil 4 was the best game on the PS2. It's graphics were incredible. The replay-ability of RE4 is very high, due to the unlockables and New Game I loved the inventory, which let you hold a lot of items and let you organize them to your liking. There are a great deal of weapons you could buy, depending on your play style. Resident Evil 4 professional mode gives you a certain level of challenge without it being frustrating and unfair. With there now being HD releases on Xbox 360 and PS3, there is no reason not to own this wonderful game. Full Review »
  3. May 29, 2013
    Definitely the best RE game to exist! It's exciting, suspenseful, and scary as h**l! Just wish all the newer RE games wouldv'e followed the same formula this one had. Full Review »