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Summary: Engage in an epic, story-driven campaign across over 30 levels - from forests and war-torn cities to villages and crypts. Infiltrate top-secret airfields and compounds, silently assassinate enemy officers and escort caputred Panzer tanks. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, a US Army Ranger recruited by the OSA and the Allies' top specialist in covert operations, heavy weapons and assassination. Hilter's head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, is twisting science and the occult into an army capable of annihiliating the Allies. The balance of victory is in your hands. [Activision]
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Rating: M
Developer: Raster
Genre(s): Action
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Blood and Gore, Violence
Cast Credit
Trey Watkins Intro Movie Director
Drew Markham Voice And Motion Capture (German #1)
Drew Markham Voice And Motion Capture (German #1)
Greg Goodrich Executive Producer
Rafael Paiz Additional Programming
Michael Kaufman Art Direction
Jason Hoover Models And Animation
Corky Lehmkuhl Character Artist
Marco Bertoldo Director
Steve Blum Voice And Motion Capture (Egyptian #3, Prologue German #3)
Bill Brown Music Composer
David Kelvin Level Designer
Dan Koppel Technical Dsign Lead
Ryan Feltrin Technology & A.I. Programming
Ryan Feltrin Technology & A.I. Programming
Joseph Aurili Additional Programming
Richard Farrelly Lead Level Designer
Dominique Drozdz Animator
Sherman Archibald Programmer
Jonathan Cook Voice And Motion Capture (Heinrich)
Matt Kaminsky Voice And Motion Capture (BJ Blazkowicz)
Brian Mysliwy Voice And Motion Capture (Army Major, Egyptian #1, Prologue Germ
Kris Zimmerman Casting Director
Chad Bordwell Scripting
Ed Lee Concept Art
Brian Simpson Voice And Motion Capture (Mocap Actor)
Aaron Seeler Programming
Martin Ka'ai Cluney Lead Level Design
Won Choi Art
John Epp Level Design/Production
Dan "Scancode" Gold Prologue Levels
Michael "Casey" Goodhead Prologue Levels
Maciej "Renalicious" Kowalski Prologue Levels
Michael "SLUDGE" Labbe Prologue Levels
Michael "Maxx" Kaufman Art Direction
Claire Praderie Markham Texture Artist
Mike Denny Scripting
Jeremy Luyties Scripting
Steve Goldberg Writer And Sound Design
Victoria Sylvester Stevens Production Coordinator
Max Yoshikawa Controller
Mai Blackwell Additional Level Design
Kevin Vance Spec. Ops. Consultants
Thomas Lindberg Spec. Ops. Consultants
Clay Mottern Spec. Ops. Consultants
Tim Miller Intro Movie Creative Director
Jeremy Cook CG Supervision
John Bunt Motion Capture
Sherry Wallace Visual Effects Producer
Al Shier Film Coordinating Producer
Tom Dillon Animators
Asier Lavina Animators
Kirby Miller Animators
Marlon Nowe Animators
Derron Ross Animators
David Stinnett Animators
Tim Wallace Animators
Jeff Weisend Animators
Phill Simon Cutscene Executive Producer
Sarah Castelblanco Producer
Eric Ronay Technical Director
Richard Estrada 3d Artist
Tomer Litvin 3d Artist
Art Matsuura 3d Artist
Gustavo Ramirez 3d Artist
Mike Shahan 3d Artist
Dann Tarmy 3d Artist
Jeff Biancalana Production Artist
Steven Rosenthal Producer
Jason D. Kim Associate Producer
James Alcroft Voice And Motion Capture (Jack)
Gaille Heideman Voice And Motion Capture (Female #2)
Danelle Folta Voice And Motion Capture (Mocap Actress)
Todd Cochran Period Music
Paul Taylor Lead Animator
Jim Piddock Voice And Motion Capture (Agent One)
Tony Jay Voice And Motion Capture (The Director)
Peter Renaday Voice And Motion Capture (Monk)
Neil Ross Voice And Motion Capture (Higgs, German #2)
B.J. Ward Voice And Motion Capture (Helga, Femal #1, Egyptian Woman And Ch
Brandon Davis Animators
Cam Clarke Voice And Motion Capture (German #4)
Brian George Voice And Motion Capture (Egyptian #2, Prologue German #2)
Jim Ward Voice And Motion Capture (German #3)
Dan Gold Prologue Levels
Charles Napier Voice And Motion Capture (Murphy)
Maciej Kowalski Prologue Levels
Michael Goodhead Prologue Levels
Michael Labbe Prologue Levels
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#46 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2003