Rez PlayStation 2


Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. 100
    One of the freshest titles in recent memory in both concept and execution.
  2. Entertainment Weekly
    You'll find yourself wrapped up in a visual and aural orgy sure to cause sensory conniptions. [29 Mar 2002, p.77]
  3. One of the most groundbreaking titles around... a truly unique ‘game’ and of the finest Sega created titles ever, one that everybody can play yet it’s individuality will divide gamers into those that love it and those that don’t.
  4. Cheat Code Central
    Rez is not so much a game as it is art.
  5. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    The Dual Shock 2 is kicking out vibes that will make you drop it if you don’t hold on tight. [Feb 2002, p.113]
  6. Beautiful graphics and bumping Trance music with jovial shooting to boot is a wicked combination any way you look at it. Definitely one of the best games out right now.
  7. 90
    This is proof that a good idea, well-executed, can stand the test of time.
  8. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Hypnotic stuff. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  9. I've discovered it’s pretty much impossible to sit still and play this game at the same time.
  10. 86
    A little more actual gameplay would have driven the score up, but the unique combination of music and visuals make it a must play for those who seek something different.
  11. It's weird, wonderful, addictive and groovin'.
  12. 85
    If most of the fun of Rez is simply absorbing the sound and light show -- and a remarkably fine show it is, thanks to excellent work by a group of several talented electronic music artists -- it still offers plenty of replay value.
  13. The vibration gets so intense that your hands nearly become numb from overstimulation.
  14. 80
    There's nothing else quite like it. which means you’ll either love it or hate. FHM loved it.
  15. PSM Magazine
    Perhaps the most stylish-looking game ever created. [Feb 2002, p.44]
  16. GMR Magazine
    A fairly standard shooter dressed as a visual and aural masterpiece. Sadly unappreciated by the vast majority of the gaming world. [Feb 2003, p.93]
  17. Play Magazine
    A minor masterpiece. [Feb 2002, p.57]
  18. Rez is mindless, simple fun - with the emphasis on fun. If you don't blow out your eyes on this one, you're sure to blow out your thumbs.
  19. Once you get it on a big TV or monitor and hook it all up to a meaty stereo system, it really is something special to behold.
  20. If you're in the mood for something that is decidedly different than other games on the market, Sega's quirky, abstract art-influenced shooter just might fit the bill.
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It’s the first shooter I’ve played that’s demanded not just my reflexes, but also my intuition. A trip worth taking. [Feb 2002, p.156]
  22. The music falls into the techno category, but it’s very bland until you start destroying enemies.
  23. In wishing to both typify and exaggerate the visual style of a bygone age, Rez ultimately commits the cardinal sin of placing graphics before gameplay – a facet attributable to SEGA's desire for the title to be seen as art.
  24. netjak
    Overpriced and underappreciated.
  25. The music is where the game really rocks. While it won't be for everyone, if you're into trance and techno you'll be in love with the game.
  26. 70
    Something that really bothered me was the fact that the player’s field of view is limited to about 150 degrees throughout the duration of the levels while the boss battles were in 360 degrees. That means that not only could you not move, you aren’t able to look behind you and shoot objects that have happened to pass by you.
  27. If you’re the type that likes independent movies and underground techno, you know the art house type stuff, Rez will appeal to your senses. It’s got style written all over it and it’s fairly snazzy to play as experience like no other.
  28. 70
    Ultra bass-thumping tunes that magically mesh with the game’s ever-changing sound effects will draw you in and keep you enthralled...Unfortunately, the game is super short and seems more like an experiment than a full game.
  29. Rez may not be the greatest rail shooter of all time, but its brilliance cannot be denied.
  30. Games Radar
    Unfortunately, beyond the artifice of the attractive environments and sound design there hides the kind of on-rails gameplay that might've been the bollocks 10 years ago but simply seems naive today.
  31. The tight integration of visuals, sound and vibration feedback is an accomplishment, but the player has unfortunately been left out of the loop.
  32. Game Informer
    It lacks the cohesiveness and payoff of "Frequency," for example. Either way, the whole experience is a little too short. [Feb 2002, p.83]
  33. For some, Rez will be an incredibly creative experience that fuses art and game. It's got the look, it's got the style, and it's got the feel. Others will just see it as a plain shooter that is way too short. No cool enemies, no cool pick-ups - just a cursor and a shoot button that will save the world in one sitting.
  34. Depth is definitely one of Rez's shortcomings, and sadly, it shows.

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#54 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2002
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 15
  2. Negative: 2 out of 15
  1. MattW.
    Mar 23, 2002
    Whoa. This game is amazing (even better on weed). I love the unique visual style, and the music is excellent (especially levels 4 and 5). Be Whoa. This game is amazing (even better on weed). I love the unique visual style, and the music is excellent (especially levels 4 and 5). Be warned of these things, though: #1. its too short (only 5 levels), #2. its severly lacking in the gameplay department, and #3. since the music plays such an important role in the game, you should definitely have a nice sound system if u want to get the full experience. If you've got the hardware, i say this is a must buy. Full Review »
  2. Oct 3, 2010
    I can't believe the low reviews this game got. It is so amazing and fresh, I guess most people where not able to appreciate this game the sameI can't believe the low reviews this game got. It is so amazing and fresh, I guess most people where not able to appreciate this game the same way that I did. It's a rare gem that is worth looking for. Full Review »
  3. SquallBoy
    Feb 27, 2002
    Excellent sound, very retro gameplay and graphics and heaps of extras. The best fun you can have on the PS2 currently.