• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Sep 30, 2003
  • Also On: PC

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 18
  2. Negative: 3 out of 18
  1. 71
    Battles are from epic, the expansion model is limited, and there isn't anything to do outside of playing a single Sherwood adventure. Worth a try if you enjoy the source material or have an affinity for the time period.
  2. Essentially a turn-based series of minigames. It's deeper and more enjoyable than you might expect from that description, but ultimately it gets somewhat repetitive and can be completed rather quickly and easily.
  3. It unfortunately just felt too repetitive. The combat (both as an army and with Robin as an individual) is very basic and simplistic, and doesn’t offer much to really work with.
  4. It's the most personal and entertaining game of the Defender of the Crown series so it warrants a play just don't bother to give it a permanent home on your shelf.
  5. The strategic elements are painfully shallow and are accompanied by archaic visuals. Sadly, a crayon drawing from a five-year-old shows more detail and realism than the military units in this game. [Oct 2003, p.122]
  6. 60
    A narrative-driven game demands a cohesive design, but mini-games are inherently schizophrenic, and Robin Hood is never quite able to overcome the contradiction.
  7. An average strategy title. The simple action and battle elements will turn off hardcore strategists. But the strong story and entertaining characters will keep you from popping the disc out.
  8. It's a dated PC game ported to a next-gen console instead of a totally revised, retooled product. The folks at Cinemaware may have had their finger on the gaming pulse 20 years ago, but now they're just living in the past.
  9. 40
    The biggest problem with this game is that it emphasizes the weaknesses of the original's gameplay, and tones down or eliminates many of the strengths.
  10. If Capcom's aim was to create a simple turn-based strategy title in the vein of the original Defender of the Crown, it succeeded. There's no doubt about that.
  11. It's a bit clunky and doesn't have the bold production values we've become accustomed to, but... a gradual charm begins to bubble up, elevating the mundane stretches of play. [Oct 2003, p.72]
  12. Crown is entertaining only if your other option is taking an algebra test... You know, maybe I'll grab some pals and play "Risk" instead. [Nov 2003, p.175]
  13. A trip down memory lane for anyone pining for the original, but without strategic and gameplay enhancements, it's just a poor game by 2003 standards.
  14. Look, I appreciate a challenge as much as the next guy, but frankly, I'm tired of getting my ass kicked. [Nov 2003, p.142]
  15. An enjoyable experience. I just wish Cinemaware had given us more options and a Robin who isn't a wuss... Suffers from some control problems. [Nov 2003, p.40]
  16. This is Robin Hood’s curse; it's fun and frankly addictive enough to keep you playing, but after a few hours, you'll notice the freshness of the mini-games quickly giving way to endless repetition.
  17. 65
    Many won’t be as patient for this game’s bland and sometimes punishing mechanics as I am.
  18. 83
    If you like strategy, but don't want something super hardcore (like say "Dynasty Tactics 2"), this is your game. [Nov 2003, p.53]

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