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  1. We’re thrilled that Harmonix didn’t try to fix things that weren’t broken and add in silly things just to add bullet points on the box – the original Rock Band was nearly perfect already.
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  1. HoratioFitzpatrick
    Dec 26, 2008
    This really is an incredible port, unlike the watered down Guitar Hero games for PS2 that have been released since Neversoft took over the franchise (to be fair, World Tour probably sucks on every console). I've played the PS3 version extensively, and I can honestly say that this is nearly identical except for slightly less polished graphics, no DLC, and no customizable characters. It's still incredible, though. Some of my favorite features of the PS3 version like the drum trainer, drum solos, world tour mode, and music videos made the transition, much to my surprise and delight. None of the core gameplay has been compromised in the slightest in my opinion. If you haven't made the jump to PS3 or X360, I just want to tell you that Harmonix did not settle for a crappy port, they remember where they came from and where their success started. This is every bit the game it's big brother on PS3 is (in every way that matters to me at least) and I highly recommend it to anyone. Full Review »