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  • Summary: Choose from 20 international, all Super 12, and other domestic teams, then take your team to victory in the World Cup, Tri nations, Super 12 Series, Domestic, Master League and Friendly matches. Strap on your boots, this is World Cup Rugby at its body-ramming, bullet-passing, try-scoring best! More than 60 Teams From Around the World: Featuring every Rugby World Cup qualifying team plus international teams that did not qualify for the tournament, and every Super 12, and European Cup team. Over 1,500 Players Ready to Scrum: All the top players in the world, from Jonah Lomu to Jonny Wilkinson. With the revamped player editor, change every element of your players including height, weight, look, and playing attributes. Make a run for the cup with a wide variety of game and tournament modes including: Training Pitch, World Cup, Tri Nations, Bledisloe Cup, Super 12, European Cup, British Lions Tour, and Master League, the flagship tournament that lets you fully trade and customize your player, team, and tournament, and play through a career-style game mode. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. After a thorough training mode on the finer points on scrums, tries, and lineouts, one (or two players cooperatively) can take the controls and realistically injure opponents on soggy, mud-rutted pitches. Think "Madden NFL Football" minus the pads, steroids, and senile announcer, mate.
  2. 73
    Sure, the graphics aren't top-notch, and there are some missing elements, but the bottom line is that fans of rugby will look past the little things and rejoice that the game provides an exciting and mostly realistic representation of the sport.
  3. Controls are fairly snappy, the AI is competent, and the playbooks offer some variety. However, if you're not already a fan, the choppy commentary, average graphics, and lack of a useful tutorial will keep you away. [Nov 2003, p.48]
  4. As with early "FIFAs", I couldn't help feeling that my players were doing a hell of a lot better when I didn't get in the way by, y'know, pressing any buttons or anything. [Oct 2003, p.126]
  5. 60
    If you can find the '01 Rugby on a "used" rack, I'd pick it up before this one; it doesn't accurately emulate as many aspects of the sport, but it's a better video game.
  6. 56
    You can't ruin a sport game for the fans of the game but HB Studios along with EA sports really put a lot of effort into achieving this.
  7. We've also come to take EA's high presentation values and their sports titles' accessibility for granted, and Rugby 2004 has neither. In essence, it feels like a cynical attempt to steal cash from dazzled armchair Wilkinsons, and we're yanking a point off for that alone.

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