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  • Summary: March, 1930. A young girl named Jennifer, whose parents were killed in a tragic airship accident, is taken to the Rose Garden Orphanage, located in a remote portion of the English countryside. What Jennifer discovers is a dilapidated building and a ragtag mob of children who call themselves the "Aristocracy of the Red Crayon." The demented residents of Rose Garden kidnap Jennifer and take her into the dark heart of an impossibly large zeppelin, on a meandering course for a distant land. Now, with the help of a canine companion named Brown, Jennifer has to find valuable gifts for the Aristocracy, or suffer a fatal punishment for her insolence...Befriend a faithful dog and work together to locate crucial items. Intense melee combat against bloodthirsty monsters. Multiple endings and hidden extras. [Atlus USA] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 44
  2. Negative: 7 out of 44
  1. Action junkies looking for the next Resident Evil might find the pace a little slow, and the core gameplay doesn't do anything wildly different, but this is still a wonderful psychological thriller that will draw you in with its bizarrely compelling narrative, atmospheric presentation and thoughtful story-based gameplay.
  2. Distractingly frustrating to play, but the mystery will lure you to the end.
  3. 70
    Looking at the game as a whole, the music and atmosphere are easily the best parts of Rule of Rose, while the controls are the weakest element by far.
  4. 60
    If you can accept that nearly all the engaging moments come from non-interactive movies, and much of what the player is allowed to take part in is more frustrating than terrifying or exciting, it could also be worth playing.
  5. Blends the stuff of nightmares with stylish sound and graphics. Sadly, the developer should have spent longer on the gameplay. [Dec 2006, p.90]
  6. With its creepy cast and giant flying machine, Rule of Rose manages to scare up some real suspense. But too much of the game feels like a chore for me to recommend this survival horror experience.
  7. It’s just a murky brew of meaningless, exploitative dysfunction filling an empty game, and it leaves a bitter taste. [Dec 2006, p.90]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Dec 19, 2011
    I have never played this game before but I watched a walkthrough on Youtube through one sitting and what I saw was a game with storyline too cruel- yet too beautiful- to go untold, and it massive use of symbolism and the perspective of a child in the cruel situation/life is what made me give it a 10/10 Expand
  2. PaulA.
    Jun 14, 2007
    Great story its a masterpiece but unfortunately it goes really down by those controls and the stupid gameplay... But its still GREAT !!
  3. AnthonyS.
    Aug 22, 2007
    A beautiful, twisted horror game. Parts are slow and searching gets repetitive, but the story makes it well worth it.
  4. SnakeC.
    Sep 26, 2006
    A worthy adventure.
  5. ValerieS
    Apr 12, 2008
    Beautiful images, amazing story, creepy children, and a dog are the real shine of this game. Very enjoyable until you have to fight. Much like a Silent Hill battle system, but much clunkier(it is possible). .Not really scary but the backtracking can get a bit tedious and the dog dosn't always lead you to the right spot. But unraveling the story chapter by chapter in a fairy tale essence is worth at least one playthrough Expand
  6. Oct 26, 2012
    Games that bring controversy with their releases are always intriguing releases, and Rule of Rose is no different. An independently developed game, published by Atlas in North America, Rule of Rose follows the story of Jennifer, a skittish young girl who - through a strange series of circumstances - finds herself in the 1930s English countryside, chasing a boy down a dirt road. This chase leads her to The Rose Garden Orphanage. But things take a turn for the bizarre: when she encounters a grave at the manor, she gets a horrible feeling, digging it up to reveal a coffin. She is then surprised from behind by some of the children, who push her into the coffin, and bury her alive.

    When she awakens, Jennifer finds herself in what appears to be a zeppelin. She is in the custody and care of a group of children, mostly girls, who call themselves The Aristocrat Club; they demand that you pay the club tribute in the form of monthly gifts of their choosing, the penalty for which not making your offering is death. Thus, Jeniffer begins to wander the zeppelin, searching for gifts, and experiencing what seem to be extremely disjointed scenarios involving her and the Aristocrat Club.

    Gameplay is your run-of-the-mill survival horror sort, wandering around with small, blunt, or generally ineffective weapons while little imp creatures chase you around. This makes running the most appropriate option in most situations, as Jennifer isn't the most competent battler you've ever encountered, haphazardly swinging her weapons around. The scenery (either the dark and seemingly abandoned orphanage or the metallic and eerie zeppelin) is exceptionally creepy, and the mood is set very well, with a great accompanying soundtrack. But navigating these environments can become cumbersome to traverse, as many of the corridors look identical, and it's easy to get turned around, especially when weaving between imps. Furthermore, certain chapters can be long with infrequent save points, meaning if you take an unlucky blow to the head from Billy the goat-headed ugly who wants to nom on your innards, you'll have to start from your last save, which can be time-consuming and just plain taxing.

    But for all the game's faults, it is all brought together by its fabulous storyline. The Aristocrat Club is anything but, making Jennifer suffer through verbal degradation and hazing rituals. And with the surreal environment of the zeppelin, with seemingly no adults taking care of the children, the kids rule in a Lord of the Flies styled dominion. Each chapter of the story is prefaced with a hand-drawn childrens' book that provides an off-kilter summary of the coming chapter. The entire story comes across as a haunting and visceral 9-year old's worst nightmare, and while the story may seem very disjointed and confusing, it gives you enough plot points to keep you hungry to see how it all comes together. And while it seems like this resolution may never come, a calming denouement after the climax of the plot offers all the answers to the questions that were brought about. If anything, this very rare - and at times, controversial - and unique release may not be the best game you've ever played, but certainly one of the most intriguing, and worth your time.
  7. Jul 4, 2014
    Aunque tiene un diseño artístico sublime, una música fabulosa y una historia truculenta e interesante, el apartado jugable es tan horrible como aburrido. Esta producción funciona más como película que como juego. Al que tratas de superar, con paciencia y tedio, para ver por donde va la interesante y bella trama. Expand

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