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  • Summary: Bobby "Scaler" Johnson got more than he bargained for when he stumbled upon his next door neighbor's evil plot to take over the world by stealing all the lizards and training them to become his mutant army. Bobby takes on his enemies in ways kids will only have dreamed transforming into one of them. Sneaky, elusive, witty and hysterical ? this unexpected hero will keep you guessing just what will happen next. Shape-sift your way through the levels. Take the shape and abilities of 10 different baddies, key to progressing through the game!
    Camouflage into with your environment to sneak past foes. Work your way through the worlds by vine-surfing, a combination of skateboarding and a roller coaster, used to fly through the levels faster than the speed of light. As you speed along, gather an electrical charge to send an electric shock at enemies. Explore levels full of exotic plants, wondrous creatures and beautiful worlds. An unlikely hero in a strange situation with many comedic moments. [Global Star]
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  1. 80
    What it lacks in innovation it more than makes up in style, humor and solid game mechanics. Controls feel smooth and responsive and the action is always brisk. The inclusion of evolutionary transformations is an especially nice touch.
  2. Scaler is fun and easy to play. Its colorful characters will be sure to satisfy the children out there.
  3. The fast rollercoaster rides and the various lizard forms are fun. Too bad the levels are too simple and straight-forward. [Feb. 05]
  4. Despite being a so-called "budget" game, Scaler's production values are more in line with full-priced software. The graphics are sharp, the polygon count is high, the sight distance is far, the bosses are large, and there's a goodly amount of animation to see (not just in the characters, but in the environment as well).
  5. Like a welcome blast from the past, taking us back into pure platform-filled levels with a great range of designs, all enhanced by the gameplay variation that the five transformations provide.
  6. This just isn't an especially engaging game, so it's unlikely that anyone past the youngest of audiences will get too much fun from it.
  7. The only people we can imagine buying this are confused parents who do not understand the world of the mystical home entertainment that is the videogame.

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  1. Nov 16, 2011
    This game belongs to my 5 games and will most likely stay there forever. It is absolutely amazing with everything. The graphics are breathtaking. The game play is the most fun, challenging at most points. This game has never bored me. Sure you may think other games are better than Scaler, but this is a game that remains in anyones heart for a long time, if not forever. The difficulty likes to spike up in later stages in the game. The bosses get really engaging at the fourth boss, if not the third boss. The music is really great in this game, and lasts a long time in anyone's head. The flying level: Medoozum: is probably my favorite because of it's very wide variety and the beasts flying in the level. Overall this game is truly great and i recommend getting it so much if you haven't played it yet Expand
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    i really love this game, the nonstop action the amazing gameplay, this list could go on and on and on, so ima cut short and say this game is amazing!!! Expand
  3. May 6, 2012
    amazing game. In my household even my 21 year old sister likes this game. That is really strange because she is usually the one hating on all my video games but really enjoys scaler because of the limitless entertainment Expand
  4. Apr 19, 2013
    This game, is one of my most favourite platformers I have ever played. It has fantastic gameplay variety and some great gags here and there. I got this game at a bargain bin price. Just brilliant. Expand
  5. Jan 17, 2013
    A really underrated game that I feel is better than every rayman game on this console. Clearly a wonderful game that does everything right and gets you interested from the very beginning unlike rayman. Expand
  6. May 6, 2014
    this was a really over looked game. its a lot like jak and daxter, except way darker. this is a very unique game, I have never seen a game quite like this before. the creatures and setting are all very interesting and creative. its a bit frustrating at times because you don't know what to do in some cases but its a pretty damn good game that very few people have actually played Expand

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