• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2005
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 77 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 77
  2. Negative: 25 out of 77

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  1. May 14, 2012
    OH NO, a positive Shadow the Hedgehog review? I am prepared for the hate. Regardless, Shadow the Hedgehog was released in 2005 and is the first Sonic related game in which the protagonist is not Sonic the Hedgehog and is a character introduced in Sonic Adventure 2. The purpose of the game is for players to find out more about Shadow than they originally knew of in SA2. This information includes Shadow's past such as how he was created and more details about Maria. When it comes to the actual story, it gives you a different feel in each of the different sides you choose. I believe players disliked the story because they didn't want a different style in which you can play through different outcomes and have increased replayablility. Now let's get into the gameplay. Many people found the gun concept to be "Pointless", the speed of Shadow to be too slow, and the performance of the game graphics wise, but I found none of those to be an issue. the guns bring variety to the series, Shadow runs just as fast as Sonic and runs as smoothly as in SA2, and the graphics were not bad. Heck, even the split screen I found fun playing with my friends. The only minor issue I found within the game was, well, nothing. Overall, don't listen to the other reviewers unless you prefer everything to be the same rather than variety. That is why this game deserves a perfet 100. Expand
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    Seriously,why does everyone hates this game? i mean,it's not the best sonic game i've ever played,but it's better than SONIC THE HEDGEHOG '06,you have to admit this game was good,okay,it had glitches,and no speed at all,BUT,you guys DO remember that in sonic heroes ,team dark was more focused in combat rather than speed,right?yeah,well thats how shadow rolls.....and why do you guys complain so much about guns in the game,YOU PLAY SONIC GAMES,A BLUE SUPERSONIC HEDGEHOG WHO WEARS SHOES!!!!SHOES!!!!,and you guys complain about guns?pfft,anyways,i like this game,Live with it. Expand
  3. Jan 18, 2013
    Really fun and really memorable. The game had its thrill, good music, perfect difficulty standard, fun little side game types like co-op (Flawed but still fun) and the Multiplayer (Real Fun).
    The guns in this game ARE NO PROBLEM AT ALL as many people say, Its auto aim almost but still good enough. The side missions of choosing your story was clever and a great as an idea. Overall, Its a
    must play if you forget Bob saying the game sucks. Expand
  4. Sep 13, 2013
    Not everybody agrees with the setup of this game, but it was the best thing to do. The story is good, they brought in alien invasions, as the aliens launch full scale invasions, Shadow is standing on a tree, suffering from amnesia, thinking about how a girl called Maria died, the alien's leader BLACK DOOM pops up, he wants Shadow to give him the chaos emeralds, after a brief conversation between the two, Shadow is left with even more questions such as why does he want them and how does he know him. The game fun, I like the gun play, platforming, you can pick what mission to do and choose the path you take, but seriously, this game wasn't very well thought out, melee weapons apparently have "ammo" or maybe Shadow just gets bored with a sword quick and throws it away after hitting with it like 5 times. The story is great but also a bit flawed flawed, it doesn't show much of what's going on with the world, and also you know that GUN Commander? well, he has his own story; he blames Shadow for GUN killing Maria, and then he BECOMES Commander of the GUN it's like wtf just why, it makes no sense. That is another thing the story focuses on (not that its bad), depending on which path of the story you take, how Maria died and the connections with her and Professor Gerald. There are 2 flashback levels that take place in the space station. People say this game looks bad, even for the time, yes, that is true, this game could've looked better, the game only looks beautiful in a few levels such as Circus Park, Mad Matrix and Circus Park. There are some real issues with the gameplay, when you're with Sonic characters they don't seem to kill enemies and more importantly, you can try to side yourself with a faction and they still attack you, that is one big issue they did not think about, and you can't have BLACK DOOM with you and open the doors blocked by aliens without having to kill them. Moving on, there are 3 factions, the GUN; Human soldiers fighting for the lives of billions, the Black Aliens, who is invading and conquering the world with BLACK DOOM, and Eggman's Robots, led by Doctor Eggman, all of which you can side with; by doing a mission under the order of Doctor Eggman which is either DARK or HERO depending on what the other option is, you can help the Sonic characters which is the HERO path and side with GUN, or you can side yourself with the Black Aliens which is always the DARK path. Shadow learns more about his past as you progress through the game. You get 5 keys in each level which are worth looking for. I admire this game for its replay value, every time you finish the game, it is worth playing the game again and taking different missions; different paths and play the other missions on a level or make up a different path, and there are ten different endings to get before unlocking the "true" ending, but what is shameful is that there is no DARK final ending where you side with BLACK DOOM and conquer the world. Shadow The Hedgehog has problems to it and it could've been made better, but is a very good game, you don't have to like it, but you shouldn't hate it for having bad camera, unrefined controls and being dark. Expand
  5. Sep 16, 2010
    A thoroughly uninteresting mess that takes itself far too seriously, Shadow the Hedgehog destroys everything that made Sonic popular in the most violent ways it can. Story is bad, controls are slippery and the gun play is awful- there is absolutely no reason to concern yourself with this title aside from the pretty rockin' soundtrack.
  6. Jan 13, 2014
    I had always been curious about this game, I liked the character and thought a darker interpretation of the Sonic universe would be cool, but I never picked it up because it was technically a Sonic game, a series I hated at the time. The negative reception from both critics and fans didn't help either. I'm glad I finally got around to playing it. It's not perfect but it provides a unique and fun experience.

    Most of the complaints I have with the game are aimed at the story. It's nonsensical and is filled with plot holes and characters who make idiotic decisions. It's cool that it has many branching paths that lead to different endings, but the fact that you have to unlock all 10 of these ending in order to get the cannon ending is something I feel is a little unnecessary and just a way to extend the game's length. Considering the number of Youtube reviewers that have gone in depth with what's wrong with the story I'm not really going to go into a lot of details. Let's just say that story isn't the reason you should play this game. You should play it because it is a successful experiment on classic Sonic gameplay with a new protagonist.

    A lot of people have made complaints about the controls and I don't really get that. The only issues I had were some light problems with the camera and homing attack, the latter of which would send me over edges and careening into a bottomless pit unto my death at times. Both issues were easy to tolerate and avoid, especially when you compare them to the issues so many other PS2 games have with things like the these. In my opinion these are some of the best controls I've experienced with a game in the Sonic series. I also found the gunplay to work very well. The auto lock-on system makes aiming a breeze. They did decrease the effectiveness of things like the homing attack and the spin dash, but combat still has a nice flow to it. Overall I feel like the gunplay paid off in the end.

    As far as difficulty and length goes this game is the easiest and shortest Sonic game I've ever played. This is acceptable when you realize that the game is meant to be replayed multiple times in order to experience all of the different endings. Another cool feature is the branching path function of the game. In each level your given one of three tasks to complete labeled hero, dark, and neutral. Depending on which one you choose to complete you get to see different cut-scenes and play through different levels. This adds a surprising amount of replay value, despite the fact that some missions can be more tedious to complete than others.

    Overall I found "Shadow the Hedgehog" to be a flawed but incredibly fun experience. It ends up being one of the best Sonic game I've ever played. It's experimentation pays off and it avoided many of the issues I have come to expect from Sonic games of this era. If you're willing to expect some change than I recommend this to all of you Sonic fans out there. You might have to overlook some issues, but I found it to be worth it in the end.
  7. Apr 26, 2011
    Even if you're looking for a little bit of life in Shadow the Hedgehog, I'd turn to the NGC version. The PS2 version emphasizes bad control and camera to a whole new level.
  8. Jun 13, 2011
    Sega said it wanted a hardcore hedgehog, so they painted in black and gave it a gun. Seriously , Sega you're a genius in what you do, in fact you are my "idol". This is a huge disappointment in the famous series, yeah, maybe i like the sonic series, but the classic one, forget about the Sonic series is lost.
  9. May 19, 2012
    OK, so I am re-reviewing this because I just didn't like the first review of the game I did. It was rushed, and I was just wrong about it. But I won't say anyything about that anymore. Let's move on. It undeniable how popular Shadow the Hedgehog has become...as a character. He is emo, a nega version of Sonic, and he is just flat out cool. But what about his game? Those of you who had played Sonic Adventure 2 and enjoyed it will probably appreciate this one too, at points anyway. The opening cutscene and music in it is phenominal. SEGA has always excelled in opening cutscenes, and Shadow the Hedgehog is no exception. It pumps you up for the action you're about to face. While its not as good as Sonic Unleashed's opening, the main theme of the song, "I Am", Phenominal. The best song in any Sonic game, I don't care what anyone says. Then you start out the game with another cutscene that begins the game with Shadow having no recollection of his past, only remebering Maria and his name...and how to breathe, and talk, and walk, and run, and thank god he hasn't forgotten how to be awesome. Then aleins attck Westopolis, and the leader of the aleins, Black Doom, tells Shadow that he knows him and to "find the seven chaos emeralds and bring them to me, as promised." What happends next is up to you. You enter the level with 3 objectives, each revolving around good, evil, or neutral. Depending on what missions you do determines what level and storry route you will take, encouraging players to play the game multiple times to unlock all of the endings in all of the levels. It's crazy fun to determine the fate of the planet and choose your route. There are ten possible endindgs and to see how Shadow treats the other characters is just plain fun. But what you have to do to get them is where everything goes downhill. The first level in the game, both evil and good missions are exactly the same: kill all of the enemies, except what mission you're doing, you have to defeat either the aleins (good) or GUN soldiers (evil). EVERY SINGLE ENEMY! The first time I played the first level, I wanted to kill all of the GUN soldiers, but then, I used chaos control. The chaos abilities in the game were, indeed, a dissapointment. First off, Chaos blast doesn't have a very good range, and it will be much more fun if you just home attack them. Second, chaos control has got to be the worst move EVER in the whole series. OK, mabey not if you're doing a neutral mission, which just requires you to get to the end every time, but if you are doing a good or evil mission, you have to take your time, and find and/or kill everything, but chaos control blasts you through the stage which means you missed some of your objectives which means you have to back track. I don't have a HUGE problem with this, but you don't really know WHERE you missed your objective and somtimes, you'll be forced to start over, and in doing so, you also get a lower chance of an A rank. It took me 15 minutes just to kill all of the enemies in the first level, and if you use chaos control near the end of the level, you will just go straight to the goal ring and there is now way to stop chaos control in mid air, you will accidentalyend up doing a neutral mission instead of the one you wanted to do. Also, the melle attack is completely useless. Shadow already has the homing attack. Why does he need to use his fists? And why does he need to use vehicles if he moves faster than them in the first place? UGHHH! However, if the next thing in the game weren't present, I wouldve hated it: The level design. Sure, the first level and some others are too simple and require you to go slow, but stage like Lethal Highway, Carnival Park, Final Haunt and some others were just made for running around; FAST. When Shadow goes fast, it is fun, although he is a bit slippery. The level: They're big; and theres lots of them. There are some framrate issues, but nothing to big, except for mabey in levels like The Doom and Lost Impact. The guns in the game are just...well...guns...nothing specilal. The bazookas are worthless as you can bar;ey aim with them, not a lot to be said here. The in-game cutscenes are attrocious. There's NO being nice on this one. It is as blocky as Minecraft (although Minecraft looks a whole lot better), and for some reason, it take several loading screens to load a cutscen. 10-15 seconds, a cutscene loads, and no matter how long it is, it will always take the same amount of time, and more time to load a level. This is true in the begining of the game and in the last story. Also, some of the endings of the game are unstatisfactory. There are like 3 or 4 i which Shadow just concludes that he is the most awesomest Hedgehog in the world and others, he literaly KILLS Eggman...okay then... Shadow the Hedgehog won't blow your mind, but it is worth buying it used from GameStop. The missions lack in variety, not enugh bosses, chaos powers suck, t Expand
  10. Aug 8, 2012
    I liked Shadow the Hedgehog, as an avid Sonic fan it delivered a good experience, I thought the addition of guns was pretty cool, I didn't care much for the story, it wasn't too great, but who does? In a sonic game you just wanna run and keep running, the problem with that, is that some of missions didn't allow you to do so.
  11. Sep 8, 2013
    It's a sonic game with a different main character. People complain of speed, 'cept we're not playing as Sonic here, are we? Nopers, not Sonic! The gun idea... Not so awesome, the battles, same. The levels for all sonic games were always quite straightforward, here you have a bit more space. The auto-targetting is terrible, camera is just like every other 3D sonic game released since Dreamcast failure. I got this game for $1, I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it. Story line is a bit dull, but I don't care, the fast paced movements and puzzles in completing the different missions in each level give it variety and difference. Mediocre game, fun to play, can be frustrating, steep learning curve, there's no 'here's a training level to get you used to it' straight into the game. That's the only thing it's missing in my opinion. Collapse
  12. Oct 26, 2013
    this game could be awesome
    but sega made a lot of mistakes
    they could do something better it they would take
    his time,they could fix the gameplay,the could made
    different endings with a better story and with better levels
    with more speed and less action and ridiculous things
    why a hedgehog needs a gun and a motorcycle?
    he is the ULTIMATE LIFEFORM!!!!
  13. Nov 25, 2013
    I don't see why this game is so hated. It has really cool soundtrack and levels are really enjoyable. It's just one of those games, that require mre skill. The idea of dropping 10 rings after hit instead of all of them makes this games actually a lot easier. I like the fact, that you can choose, if you want to do Hero, Dark or Neutral (go to finish line) missions. Also, the storyline fills gaps that SA2 and SH left for Shadow. It has great replay value.
    This game is a platforming shooter and that's the main reason why it's hated so much. Those kinds of games are actually my favourite. In other words, you should buy this game, if you want to know more about Shadow The Hedgehog without going to wiki pages or if you like platforming shooters.
  14. Dec 9, 2013
    the game is good it has that "shadow the hedgehog touch" the powers the amenesia ,it includes the sonic series characters.,
    on the other hand the game dosent sound like a sega game it seems like a" resistance game" for litele kids,the game has glitchs,bad grapchics,and the worst storyline EVER in a sega game you have three choices in each level you can achive the good ending by doing the
    good side missions or you can do the bad missions to achive the bad ending or u can just go to the end of the level, sounds fun dosent it well it ISNĀ“T ,IN SOME LEVELS there are easy side missions and others no, like how the hell can you only pass a level by finding 7 keys call me impacient but i have no time to find those keys and the grapchics,the enemies,the soundtrack DONT HELP but puting the anoying sides missions apart i say it wont bother you much.
    and now to the part of the game i like the multyplayer the game has great levels and soundtracks for the multyplayer ,the characters... are just shadow with diferent looks but the character dont mather altough a great multyplayer can comes with his flaws like the glitchs but if your looking for a game to play with your friends i would pick this game.
  15. Dec 18, 2013
    You can choose between hero,evil and neutral.Shadow uses guns.You can choose to help G.U.N. ,or help the Aliens,or only to find the truth about Shadow's past.The way you do the levels will decide Shadow's future.Probably,one of the best Sonic Games ever.
  16. Mar 29, 2014
    Wow, is this even a game? Have these people ever played a Sonic game? What is the problem you ask? Well Shadow doesn't have enough guns. Also this game lacks the snorting of cocaine and the administering of heroine and other happy drugs. This is the way I think the game should've went. First, Shadow is seen at the trap house, making his daily roundabout, when all of a sudden, Dr. Eggman steals his '64 Cherry Red Impala with all sorts of suspensions and 400 inch rims. Shadow is not happy with this, and gets his glock ready. He then shouts, "hey foo, give me my muda-fcking ryde back!" And then the game ends. That would have been better than this weak excuse at a video game. Well, that's all. Expand
  17. Sep 8, 2013
    It's a sonic game with a different main character. People complain of speed, 'cept we're not playing as Sonic here, are we? Nopers, not Sonic! The gun idea... Not so awesome, the battles, same. The levels for all sonic games were always quite straightforward, here you have a bit more space. The auto-targetting is terrible, camera is just like every other 3D sonic game released since Dreamcast failure. I got this game for $1, I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it. Story line is a bit dull, but I don't care, the fast paced movements and puzzles in completing the different missions in each level give it variety and difference. Mediocre game, fun to play, can be frustrating, steep learning curve, there's no 'here's a training level to get you used to it' straight into the game. That's the only thing it's missing in my opinion. Collapse

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 28
  2. Negative: 18 out of 28
  1. 40
    The lack of speed is a real problem here.
  2. 47
    A long list of shortcomings, from stupid level design, unrefined controls and useless gunplay to disappointingly outdated graphics.
  3. Unlike last years popular and more importantly, playable, "Sonic Heroes," Shadow The Hedgehog is a misstep in almost every direction.