Mixed or average reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 9
  2. Negative: 2 out of 9
  1. 50
    A wholly inadequate inexperience that offers no real gameplay, unless periodically jumping between pressing square a thousand times constitutes a new type of strategy or action I'm unfamiliar with.
  2. Run-of-the-mill fighting and stripped-down strategy sequences make Shaman King a fairly drab ride that's only recommendable to extreme fans of the series.
  3. Those wanting an action game will be disappointed at the lack of action while the strategy and RPG aspects are too shallow for the sophisticated gamer.
  4. The humor and style will charm many, but those looking for a hardcore experience in any of the game's genres should look elsewhere. [Jan 2005, p.125]
  5. 70
    The game remains faithful to the source material and blends two distinct gameplay styles into an entertaining hybrid. Fans of the series should find this a great addition to their Shaman King collection.
  6. SK's not for everyone, but fans should be beside themselves. [Jan 2005, p.70]
  7. It's not an awful game, just shallow and aimless. [Feb 2005, p.83]
  8. Nothing about the game is appealing or enjoyable at all. Of course, the saving grace for all mediocre fighting games is the two-player mode, so- wait- there's no two-player mode? Who releases a fighting game without a two-player mode??
  9. An interesting fusion of two very different game types - it's just a shame they've been cobbled together so crudely. [Jan 2006, p.112]

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