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  • Summary: Lead a group of high school students with a dangerous extracurricular activity: exploring the mysterious tower Tartarus and fighting the sinister Shadows during the Dark Hour, a frozen span of time imperceptible to all but a select few. However, the end of their quest is no longer the end of the story--witness for the first time the aftermath of the final battle and the students' struggle to find meaning in their new lives. Persona 3 FES contains an enhanced version of the original game, loaded with new Personas and cutscenes, a weapon synthesis system, additional quests and events, a hard difficulty mode, and the ability to change your characters' clothes. 30 additional hours of gameplay - Take the role of Aigis in a brand new Persona 3 episode that plays as a full game with an original story, extra cutscenes and objectives, and seventeen new music tracks. [Atlus USA] Collapse
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  1. For the rest of you, Persona 3 FES is one of the best RPGs the PS2 has ever received, and one of the console's proudest moments period. [May 2008, p.58]
  2. Pick this one up while you can still find it, even if you've already played the hell out of Persona 3. Absolutely worth the time, and it'll hold your attention for the entire ride.
  3. Almost every addition to The Journey makes it a superior experience to the original Persona 3 , and the addition of The Answer increases that value.
  4. 90
    A fantastic version of an astonishing game. Although you miss out on the sumptuous bonuses of the original release, you will get substantially more content at a great price.
  5. With a mere $30 price tag, it's the perfect way for fans and newcomers to experience this exceptional RPG. [May 2008, p.94]
  6. Persona 3 FES is a very good JRPG which stands out from the crowd by having a unique setting and lots of sass and style.
  7. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: FES is a hardcore title with hardcore appeal, and it's not intended to a blockbuster.

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Score distribution:
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  1. VidM
    Apr 30, 2008
    This game is BAD@$$ and blew away all of my expectations. If you're a FF fanboy or fangirl, it's high time you played a real RPG. Stop reading this and go buy it. Now. If it's even still available. Grrr, Atlas and your limited presses. Expand
  2. JonT
    Oct 6, 2009
    Epic Adventure! For those who have not played persona 3 this is a must get! For those of you who have, FES has a bunch of new features and a Loonnggg epiloge! Its a must play! Expand
  3. AngelicaR
    Aug 16, 2009
    This is probably one of the best RPGs I have played in a long time and a definite must-play for anyone who owns a PS2: Compared to your standard group of RPG heroes, this involves a group of high school students that fight during the Dark Hour: a hidden hour between midnight and the following day. When you are not grinding, you attend Gekkoukan High School and make friends that help strengthen your Personas. Expand
  4. MarvinR.
    May 5, 2008
    Persona 3 Fes is a blast...To those who haven't played a shin megami tensei game before..this is now the time to start experiencing one. The story and gameplay is very profound and addicting that you will find yourself playing this one through days without sleep. To those fans who played the original you will surely be overwhelmed with joy from all the new material...from new equipments made by fusion, enhanced social links with great never before seen cutscenes, a more enjoyable character status buildup system, to new kickass personas and a faster loading screen. Even the costumes of the characters in battle changes now according to what is equipped on them. Of course lets not forget "the answer" which is a brand new action packed game all in all and is a must play to those who want to know what happen after the ending of the journey. Overall Persona 3 Fes is the best RPG I have enjoyed in the ps2 console because of its original gameplay and well developed characters that you will surely love. If the original persona 3 has flaws this version is pure perfection. Expand
  5. Jan 26, 2013
    This game is truly a masterpiece, with It's brilliantly crafted story to It's perfect combat system this is one of best games made in the last ten years. If you haven't played it yet I would not only recommend doing so. I will guarantee you will have a great time. Expand
  6. Nov 13, 2013
    Persona 3 FES is a fantastic RPG. My entry point in the series but also my favorite (Persona 4 is also really good). A unique, engaging story, memorable characters and dungeon-crawling mixed with attending school and social bonding await. Expand
  7. Aug 20, 2012
    in the last years of the playstation2 i was already gone, haven't played anything on this console anymore, but years later i realized that i missed a lot of good games. So 4 years after the release i played this game, which was so highly praised everywhere and for me this was a HUGE disappointment. I always loved RPGs, especially japanese ones, and a more modern teen story sounded well for me, also the graphics looked amazing on the pics, but at the end i cannot understand all these euphoric reviews. the dating-part in this game is so simple and it felt more like a facebook-game, in which you are doing stuff to upgrade more and more, but not because you really like it, you have the feeling you have to do it, and the RPG part is also boring. Shuffled mazes which dont look good. It was also too easy, and if you are not strong enough then go there again and again and your states will rise and you will win. so easy. there is nothing strategic in this game, just level up and you will solve the fights. it doesnt depent on your strategy or your decisions, just that you had enough fights till this point. the 2 parts dont fit together, the story needs so much time that something interesting is happening and so on... i can't understand you fans out there. for me this one felt more like polished cellphone-game. Expand

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