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  • Summary: The fun starts with 24 licensed high-voltage vehicles from famous makers like Audi, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Lancia, and Ford. Players then race through three-lap circuits of snow, desert, or jungle landscapes, sliding through dusty roads, slipping on ice, and shredding through foliage. The competition really heats up on the open road though, as six cars try to muscle into prime position, wreaking havoc on their way to the finish line. Within each track are "Shox Zones" where players are awarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold placements based on their driving skills. Earning Gold in all three Shox Zones on a single track unlocks a new night circuit. Players can also put up their own cars as collateral in head-to-head Gambling Mode to collect the ultimate off-road vehicle collection. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 90
    Requires a bit of fancy powersliding, but it feels a lot more natural and comfortable here than it does in other games - the controls really respond well.
  2. Most importantly, Shox offers an exhilarating sense of speed which, in the end, is what draws many of us to racing games in the first place.
  3. Finally an arcade-style rally game that's extremely fast, controls great, and is easy to get into. [Dec 2002, p.52]
  4. It has a lot of flash, but it backs it up with a good amount of substance.
  5. A bit rough around the edges, and the controls are too sluggish for today's high standards.
  6. It's old-fashioned, unpretentious fun, but fun that might be better suited to something that wasn't full price. [Dec 2002, p.218]
  7. 60
    Betting for cars adds a great deal of tension to the proceedings and its sense of speed is impressive. Questionable physics and a lack of track variety, however, keep it from attaining greatness.

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