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  • Summary: Yeah, it's SingStar time again..this time with songs from The Divinyls, EMF, Lisa Loeb, Sir Mix-A-Lot, the Cardigans, and a few more.
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  1. The tracks do a good job of combining a load of remarkably great songs with the simple fact that they were released in the same decade.
  2. The audio is crystal clean, as you'd expect.
  3. SingStar 90s isn't as flashy as Guitar Hero, nor does it have all the instruments of Rock Band, but it plays well, takes up considerably less space and is a bargain price-wise.
  4. SingStar 90’s is a fair investment if you have all the others games and the microphones (standalone version is sold around 30$).
  5. Even Guitar Hero III, which publisher Activision is milking like a heifer that squirts fine vintage wine instead of calcium-rich cow juice, boasts more than 40 tracks. There should be more here, period.
  6. Like it's predecessor SingStar '80s, SingStar '90's track list is just too wide-ranging to keep you from burning out on the small handful of songs that you'll enjoy singing.
  7. If you have no friends, the game's visual pitch display may help improve your singing, but your social life will still be flat. [May 2008, p.73]

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  1. TashaL.
    Aug 23, 2007
    The second best one in the series so far, singstar 80's is the best! but yeah 90's has some great hits that i always used to hear on the radio when i was little. Expand