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  1. 80
    Overall, it still isn't the best thing out there, but it's definitely a solid update and holds rather strongly by itself.
  2. While tennis games do have a set type of person who will like them, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 performs so well that I can’t imagine anyone disliking it unless they want a much simpler version (in which case buy the original Smash Court Tennis for the PS one).
  3. Another refreshing innovation in Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 is the directional control that you have over your serves. None of this “press left to hit a wide serve” malarkey here my friends, just pure analog control.
  4. It's not the best one on the current generation consoles, but it is the best PS2 tennis game out there.
  5. The major problem with the game is that you have to learn how to use it. The beauty of the likes of "Virtua Tennis" and, to a lesser degree, "Top Spin," is that you don’t.
  6. The Pro Career mode is the meat of the game. Here, Smash Court 2 is a revelation.
  7. An incredibly solid game. If you’re a big fan of tennis, you’re sure to like the character selection, and will definitely dig the inclusion of the professional tournaments and stadiums.
  8. It's far for perfect, but Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 is the best tennis game to come out for PS2 to date.
  9. Though a lot of players will find the less-forgiving-gameplay style of the game to be a bit of a turnoff, this is still a solid game of tennis, and it's the best one to have appeared on the PlayStation 2 in years.
  10. One of the better tennis games to grace the PS2, and is by far the truest representation of the sport.
  11. 60
    Those who enjoyed "Tennis 2K2" or "Top Spin" probably won’t appreciate Smash Court Tennis as much, since the game isn’t nearly as accessible. Yet if you felt these titles were lacking in realism and challenge, Smash Court will easily satisfy your inner Roddick or Williams.
  12. Weekly Famitsu
    8 / 8 / 8 / 8 - 32 gold [Vol 812; 9 July 2004]
  13. PSM Magazine
    This is, hands down, the deepest tennis game available for PS2, so only professionals need apply. Those pros, however, will looooove this. [Aug 2004, p.24]
  14. A multi-player crowd-pleaser. Mind you, even that is outshone by the benchmark title of the DC's "Virtua Tennis 2" (yes, even though I know they're practically the same game).
  15. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    A new career mode makes the top tennis seed even better. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  16. Edge Magazine
    Other than some disappointing visuals, there's little to complain about in arcade, exhibition and mutliplayer modes. [July 2004, p.109]
  17. GMR Magazine
    A more technical take on tennis - or at least it tries to be. [Aug 2004, p.89]
  18. games(TM)
    All manner of multiplayer modes play out fairly well and even the single-player competitions are, while tough, as enjoyable as just about any other tennis title this generation…once you get to grips with them, that is. [July 2004, p.123]
  19. Praise does have to go to Namco for trying a new idea, and one that will surely be copied across all sports games in the coming years, but it unfortunately isn’t implemented quite as well as we could have all hoped for.
  20. One of the most addictive sporting experiences ever presented on a console.
  21. Easier on the eye than "Virtua Tennis 2," but lacks the diving ability of that game. Otherwise it's perfectly balanced and offers all the tension of the real sport. [PSM2]
  22. There’s a load of gameplay here, and it’s too bad there’s no online component or Memory Card battle feature for those who want it (hint, hint).
  23. If you want a great looking tennis game that offers more than just quick and simple play, Pro Tournament 2 offers almost enough to keep you going until next summer, when doubtless we’ll all go tennis mad again. Now leave us alone: Wimbledon’s on.
  24. Visually, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 is one of, if not the best-looking tennis game on the PlayStation 2.
  25. But it lacks long-term appeal, and so, its final score likewise suffers. As for SCPTT2 outdoing Pong, after 20 years, people still play Pong, but by the end of 2004, very few will play Smash Court 2.
  26. While Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 attempts to go with the sim approach, there’s no denying that "Top Spin’s" fluidity, ease, and beauty make it more accessible to casual and hardcore gamers alike.
  27. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Greater emphasis is placed on timing and position to execute effective shots on the court, which makes it a little more difficult to get into than "Virtua Tennis"-style games, but ultimately more rewarding. [Aug 2004, p.104]
  28. netjak
    Everything about it simply seems above average, like a filler tennis game for those who are waiting for the next ultimate tennis game.
  29. It does a lot of things right, good graphics, multiple play modes, originality and solid on-court action. The pro tour mode is fantastic despite its frustrations. It is refreshing to see some originality in a tennis title.
  30. It packs a good amount of depth through the wide selection of shots available and the Pro Tour mode is extremely enjoyable and well thought out, however it lacks that instant appeal and addictive qualities of SEGA’s landmark series.
  31. Merely an above average tennis game that doesn’t replace leaders in the genre like "Sega Sports Tennis" or "Mario Tennis."
  32. For our thoughts on Doubles in Smash Court 2, take the implied criticism of the last sentence, breed it with a retarded monkey suffering with diarrhoea, square the answer and you'll have some idea how awkward a mode this is.
  33. A giant leap ahead of its predecessor. It looks and feels much better than the original.
  34. My biggest problem is the fact that you can't hold down a shot button to pre-load a swing - the computer takes the backswing for you - something that seems contrary to the way most tennis games have operated in the past. [July 2004, p.115]
  35. 80
    The best tennis game in years...Whether it's rapid-fire one-off matches or a protracted solo mode that floats your boat, the game has you covered with a brilliant mix of rowdiness and realism.
  36. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Over time, you become so familiar with your player's animation that good swings become second nature, and Smash 2's greatness becomes apparent. [July 2004, p.97]
  37. With its responsive controls, choice of 16 top players and a variety of game modes, SCTPT2 is a winner.
  38. 70
    Even with the clever new “missions” and spruced-up visuals that make watching a ball go back and forth worthwhile, control is the most important part in tennis; and in this game, Smash Court faults once again.
  39. Play Magazine
    This is just a great all-around tennis game. [July 2004, p.78]
  40. You get a measly two camera angles from the start, and you’ll get more only after winning Grand Slam events, if you can believe that.
  41. The creative Pro Tour Mode, visuals, and timed button gameplay are highlights. Though you’ll probably want to fast forward past the limiting pro player controls and dull Pro Tour AI.
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  1. SteveS.
    May 12, 2006
    Best tennis game on the PS2. Gameplay was very realistic and smooth. Graphics were good as well. Plus there are quite a few real top players Best tennis game on the PS2. Gameplay was very realistic and smooth. Graphics were good as well. Plus there are quite a few real top players which feature in the game which is an added bonus. Overall an extremely fun game, especially if you have someone to play with/against. Full Review »
  2. SI
    Jul 19, 2004
    This is the best and most realistic tennis game yet! Superb gameplay and very enjoyable! By the way, you can choose BETWEEN Mission Mode (has This is the best and most realistic tennis game yet! Superb gameplay and very enjoyable! By the way, you can choose BETWEEN Mission Mode (has turning points) *OR* Normal Mode (it plays as you would expect) for the Pro Tour Career Mode. In Normal Mode, you play the match normally as you would expect, with no turning points. Just change it in the 'Settings' menu. Full Review »
  3. BenM.
    Jul 9, 2004
    I was really looking forward to this game. The gameplay is great but the stupid 'turning point' feature in career mode bugged the I was really looking forward to this game. The gameplay is great but the stupid 'turning point' feature in career mode bugged the crap outta me. I just wanna play the full match. Full Review »