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  1. Some of the games are marred by slowdown and problematic load times, and the lack of certain fan favorites (like Super Baseball 2020 and Viewpoint) is questionable. Still, for $20, these Arcade Classics aren't too shabby.
  2. Aside from having to unlock World Heroes by earning medals (similar to Xbox 360 Achievements), we're pleased with this debut package, which not only sets the stage for future Arcade Classics collections, but also for the more focused sets like Metal Slug Anthology and the upcoming Samurai Shodown Anthology.
  3. Stuff like Metal Slug, Top Hunter, and Sengoku are definitely worth playing, regardless of the other games’ mediocrity.
  4. SNK Arcade Classics digs up some old memories of good times and a few bad times with its old SNK arcade titles but the end result is an overall good selection of games for the SNK fans out there.
  5. There are flaws, then, as there are with all these PS2 releases, but it's a promising enough start, and if this is a path SNK continues to walk we'll be there to meet it at the other end with cracked knuckles next time around.
  6. AceGamez
    SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 might not bring anything particularly new to its now-outmoded platform, and there are certainly superior alternatives to most all of the games it collects out there, but as a confirmed crowd-pleaser and in terms of sheer bang for your buck, you'd be doing the gaming industry of yesteryear a disservice if you were to overlook it on those grounds.
  7. SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 brings us a hearty collection that isn't bad at all but it's just not presented as good as it should have been considering the console’s track record of doing justice to other classics.
  8. While most of SNK's compilations have been fighting game-exclusive, this one brings everyone else into the fold. Check it out, people. It’s worth picking up.
  9. 67
    If you missed out on the Neo Geo and you want to experience some nostalgic goodness, this compilation works just fine. Unfortunately, the experience is definitely hampered by some technical problems like long load times and in-game slowdown.
  10. I did have a good time with SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1; despite some emulation issues and some poorly chosen extras, it's still an excellent value and will bring back memories of the good old days.
  11. Games Master UK
    Don't consider it unless nostalgia flows through your veins. [Christmas 2008, p.84]
  12. 60
    Despite a few minor complaints, SNK Arcade Classics is a safe purchase for retro game fans looking for a challenging, action-packed trip down memory lane.
  13. SNK has a rich legacy to draw from, and there will no doubt be more of these releases, it is just a case of whether the quality will be enough to draw new fans, or simply pander to the same ones they have always had. On the strength of Vol. 1, it is too early to tell.
  14. Nostalgia enthusiasts could do a lot worse than to pick up a used copy at their local game store, and $20 is about right for the new price.

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