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  • Summary: Having been broken apart by the evil Dr. Eggman, it's up to Sonic to put the pieces of the world back together again by retrieving the power of the chaos emeralds! In doing so, Sonic finds himself in a race against time and faced with an unusual situation that challenge hims in ways never before seen. Both day and night play different, yet important, roles in Sonic's newest quest... as the sun sets, a new adventure awakens. By completing a wide variety of action-packed stages, spanning the seven broken continents of the world, gamers unleash Sonic’s amazing abilities to save the world, and himself! In addition to running at high speeds, which is highlighted in four new speed mechanics, combat fighting now becomes possible. New combat, movement, functional abilities and platforming are introduced to offer increased depth and variety. Sonic Unleashed offers a re-defined experience for fans and newcomers of the franchise alike by combing picturesque & detailed scenery, an expansive world with multiple paths to choose from and dynamic viewpoints for an immersive and renewed gaming atmosphere. Along with seamless 3D to classic 2D camera transitions, the game is built on a powerful, new proprietary "Hedgehog Engine," which introduces impressive lighting abilities and new technology tailor made for Sonic’s new speed capabilities. [Sega] Expand
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  1. The faster Sonic levels are a real treat, and Sonic Unleashed has many high points to balance out the lows. The real bummer is not so much the concept of the werehog sections as it is how these portions of the game painfully drag the rest of the game down.
  2. 70
    Sonic Unleashed is half great game and half tedious gimmick.
  3. Sonic Unleashed is a decent Sonic game for someone that can overlook the slower Night stages. The Werehog missions aren't all the way bad but when played several times in a row, they tend to become repetitive and unwelcome.
  4. The problem is that while portions of Unleashed are entertaining, the two styles never meld into a cohesive new experience. [Feb 2009, p.75]
  5. The Playstation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed is not the return of this character to its glorious days that fans wished for. It’s a mediocre title although it contains some positive aspects. Meanwhile we advise fans to go with the versions for the new generations of consoles.
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  1. nonofyourbuisnessnonofyourbuissness
    Dec 17, 2008
    i would like to rate it at a nine because it was really great during the day levels i mean how much fun is it to smash through any object at break neck speed. and the night levels were a let down through still fun i over all loved the game! ps the opening movie awsome Collapse
  2. Oct 21, 2013
    Considero que este es uno de esos juegos que quedaran grabados en esta franquicia como uno de los mas subestimados de todos. El juego en si mismo es correcto técnicamente, no encontré ningún tipo de bug o error en su programación salvo minimos detalles pero todos muy poco notables. Después me pareció muy interesante la idea de incluir niveles plataformeros por un lado con el Erizo-Lobo y por otro incluir niveles mas de "carreras" con el Sonic común. La jugabilidad en ambos lados es eficiente, podría ser mejor pero considero que es muy correcta y sobretodo muy variable, no se estanca en un par de movimientos y listo. Los gráficos son buenos, la música no es de lo mejor de la franquicia en mi opinión pero algunos temas se te grabaran seguro. La historia es en mi opinión es atrapante y los nuevos personajes me resultaron muy llamativos. La dificultad varia en mi opinión y su duración es correcta. Los jefes en general me dejaron un poco que desear excepto el ultimo que considero es uno de los mejores de toda la franquicia. Salvo algunos pequeños tropiezos en la jugabilidad y en la cámara y también quizás en lo que respecta a la IA de los jefes y los enemigos en juego en general es rejugable y muy divertido por eso considero que es bueno, ojala en el futuro la gente empiece a verlo con buenos ojos porque considero que muchas de sus criticas no solo fueron injustas sino también poco objetivas. Expand
  3. Apr 29, 2011
    Sonic Unleashed on the PS2/Wii is believe it or not... BETTER than the PS3 or 360 versions. The Day stages are very fun, and easy to navigate with minimal if any pitfalls. The Night stages are an annoying drop in pace... but unlike the HD versions (where I actually spent 27m 35s on one stage because of pitfalls), you will probably only suffer around 8-10 minutes on each night stage. Control on the PS2 is better than the PS3 and 360, its a real surprise, but Sonic controls much more tightly in these versions. The Sun and Moon medals are streamlined in this game as opposed to the HD versions.. you actually earn them for doing WELL on a stage. 3 for A and S, 2 for B, and 1 for C. It is a shocker, but honestly, Sonic Unleashed on the SD consoles are the way to go. Expand
  4. May 19, 2011
    Even if it is a bit too gimmicky, Sonic Unleashed returns "some" color into the series. Pros: Excellent graphics, controls, and sound; the daytime stages are fast and fun. Cons: The werehog stages are too slow and occur frequently; the town sequences are boring. Expand
  5. May 14, 2011
    Though it's gimmicky, Sonic Unleashed resurrects some color into the series. It's also a perfect game for children of all ages. Pros: Refined graphics, control, camera, and audio its predecessors lacked; the daytime Sonic levels are fast and fun. Cons: The too gimmicky "Werehog" stages happen too frequently and are slow and dull; boring town sequences. Expand
  6. Nov 5, 2011
    Practically a game that plays itself when it shouldn't, and a painful experience once the sun sets down.
    It's dumbed down to hell from the
    360/PS3 versions, and features more of the Werehog than Sonic.
    Also has one less continent. Graphics aren't all that hot and the controls could be better.
    Good the first time, but it will get on your nerves if you have to complete it again. Get the 360/PS3 versions if possible.
  7. Sep 14, 2014
    A Sega esta perdida com sua principal e mais emblemática marca. É triste ver um ícone dos games com jogos de medianos para ruins. Esse é mais um game fraco que não dá vontade de conlui - lo. Expand

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