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Summary: Gig, the fearsome Master of Death, is back...and he's pissed off! Taking over your body is just the first step on his quest for global domination. It's up to you to rein him in and use his power, along with your band of fellow warriors, to stop the horrific World Eaters from annihilating everything. But be careful...power always comes with a price. [NIS America]
Rating: T
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Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Genre(s): Turn-Based Strategy
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Fantasy Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language
Cast Credit
Koichi Ogawa Character Colorist
Liam O'Brien Levin (Voice: English Version)
Tenpei Sato Music Composer
Sohei Niikawa Producer
Ryoji Yanase Tool Programmer
Masahiro Yamamoto Game Designer / Chief Programmer
Takaaki Shamoto 3d Engine Programmer
Shinichi Ikeda Game Designer / Scenario Writer / Director
Takashige Inagaki Voiceover Editor
Akira Ito Voiceover Editor
Koichi Kitazumi Executive Producer
Mai Nakahara JPN Voice: Driesch
Kaori Mizuhashi JPN Voice: Shema
Takehito Harada Guest Illustrator / Monster Designer
Yoshinori Yamamoto Game Designer / CG Character Designer
Maria Yamamoto JPN Voice: Euphoria
Kenta Watanabe Event Scene Editor
Osamu Hosoi JPN Voice: Rod
Katsumi Suzuki JPN Voice: Yipz
Miki Watanabe CG Character Designer
Shoya Furuta Programmer
Youichi Shinoda Programmer
Masato Misaki Event Scene Editor / CG Character Designer / Effects Designer
Hidenori Watanabe 3d Map Designer
Daisuke Kobayashi Battle Choreographer / CG Character Designer
Daisuke Kobayashi CG Character Designer
Daisuke Morishita CG Character Designer / Monster Designer
Kiyoko Takeda CG Character Designer
Hiroshi Oonishi 3d Map Designer / 2d Background Designer / 2d Map Designer / 2d
Kentaro Furusyo Production Sound Mixer
Daisuke Jinbo Sound Effects Designer
Kosuke Toriumi JPN Voice: Endorf
Michihiko Hagi JPN Voice: Ritaly
Yuuki Kaji JPN Voice: Corhort
Masaki Kubota CG Character Designer
Kazuo Ebisawa 2d Background Designer
Akiko Komoto JPN Voice: Rena
Takafumi Ogino CG Character Designer
Ryuki Yamamoto CG Character Designer
Masakazu Miyake 2d Background Designer
Derek Stephen Prince Vitali (Voice: English Version)
Michelle Ruff Danette (Voice: English Version)
Yuri Lowenthal Gig (Voice: English Version)
Chiwa Saito JPN Voice: Dunnett
Yoshiki Sakurai Battle Scene Editor
Tatsuhisa Suzuki JPN Voice: Levin
Miho Miyagawa JPN Voice: Yost
Akira Sasanuma JPN Voice: Gig
Kaori Shinmei Scenario Writer
Yusaku Nagayasu 2d Engine Programmer / Tool Programmer
Kotaro Inoue Tool Programmer
Shigeru Nakagawa Tool Programmer / Battle Scene Editor
Sayaka Hori Battle Scene Editor / System Editor
Hiroyuki Uchida Battle Scene Editor
Osami Yamauchi Battle Scene Editor
Hideharu Nakashima Battle Scene Editor
Teruhiko Kondo Battle Scene Editor
Hiroaki Murata Battle Scene Editor
Kazuhito Uchida Battle Scene Editor
Takashi Yamamoto Battle Scene Editor
Tetsuo Hotta Event Scene Editor
Tomohiko Matsunami Event Scene Editor
Mamiko Ichioka Event Scene Editor
Atsushi Usui Event Scene Editor
Takuro Yada CG Character Designer / 2d Design Assistant
Yuichi Yamaguchi CG Character Designer
Toshihiko Kojima 3d Map Designer / 2d Background Designer
Akio Fujita 3d Map Designer
Saori Itoh 2d Background Designer
Daisuke Fuwa 2d Object Designer / Event Illustrator
Asami Inoue Character Colorist
Hiromi Kubo 2d Design Assistant
Kazutaka Ishii JPN Voice: Iodo
Teruyuki Tanzawa JPN Voice: Thorndyke
Iho Matsukubo JPN Voice: Dennis
Kensuke Nishi JPN Voice: Zimbarto
Kanako Tojho JPN Voice: Kruteg
Minami Fujii JPN Voice: Pinet
Yukiko Mizuochi JPN Voice: Aleximia
Hideaki Nonaka JPN Voice: Cluster
Akane Yamaguchi JPN Voice: Agrippi
Ayana Taketatsu JPN Voice: Pina
Yukiko Kikuchi JPN Voice: Hero (Female)
Mayuko Manaka JPN Voice: English Announcer
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