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  • Summary: It's the 25th century and our intergalactic space reporter dives into an adventure where she must battle with a series of dastardly villains! Are you ready to save the universe through the medium of dance? You must first battle wicked space nasties, the Morolians, who have attacked and subdued innocent Earthlings with their dance-inflicting ray guns. In order to break the Morolian's hypnotic grasp, Ulala must mimic the aliens' exact dance moves by keeping the beat with pauses timed to perfection. But the adventure isn't over just yet; Ulala must also face another group of intergalactic terrorists who have designs on world domination. What is Ulala to do but to kick-up some pretty funky dance moves against these evil invaders who are bent on taking over the world. Ulala is the Earth's only hope! [Agetec] - Contains both the original SC5 and the sequel, SC5: Part II, previously available only in Japan. Expand
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  1. 91
    From beginning to end, these games ooze style. [Dec 2003, p.54]
  2. 90
    About my only complaint is that it's over too soon -- just an hour, without mistakes...It's unmisssable for anyone who wants to take a space-age vacation from the typical.
  3. The sequel adds in a lot of new unlockable content to help extend replay value, new face offs with vocals, longer button holds, and even instruments, and the overall controls and challenge seem a lot better in this version.
  4. 80
    It's all down to the style and irresistible cheerful feeling you get when you play these games.
  5. 74
    Both games are short and easy to breeze through (though, believe it or not some sections are a little tricky), but it must be said UGA performed an excellent job of making the sequel far better in every regard.
  6. For less than $15, Space Channel 5 Special Edition is one of this season's best bargains.
  7. Something as simple as trying to discern whether Pudding is motioning right, left, up or down withi her guitar is almost frustrating enough for a good controller toss. [Dec 2003, p.81]

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