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  • Summary: It will take nerves of steel and lightning fast reflexes to make your way through these crowded streets. Speed Kings is about the pure unadulterated adrenaline rush of the street motorcycle racing...the speed, the danger, the risk, the buzz and of course, the bikes! Power-down slide underneath lorries, jump over road works, avoid major wipe-out crashes from the on-coming traffic and gain as many respect points as possible...make sure you look good when you cross the winning line! Features 22 bikes based on production and custom real world models, 3 single player modes and 5 multiplayer options, Arcade-style handling and control. [Acclaim] Expand
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  1. Not a masterpiece, but it has something nailed that so many games seem to lack: it's fun. Lots of fun. Seriously. [July 2003, p.97]
  2. It certainly isn’t the most polished title I’ve seen, but they do a few things right, a few special things that make this a game worth playing.
  3. Even though Speed Kings doesn't stray very far from the "Burnout 2" formula, it's a solid racer that does a great job of conveying an insanely fast sense of speed and requires you to think and react in an instant.
  4. There's only so many tricks one can do on a bike cruising at 120mph. Variety is absolutely required, and there's not much in Speed Kings. And the trick control is not responsive enough.
  5. 55
    There's nothing that Speed Kings does that Burnout 2 doesn't smoke right off the line in every way possible. Physics, speed, track design, opponent AI, handling, graphics, audio -- Speed Kings really offers much, much less for your money.
  6. The biggest problem with the racing engine is that it feels more like a living pinball game than a motorcycle race. [Aug 2003, p.26]
  7. Stick with "Burnout 2: Point of Impact” for all your risk-vs.-reward arcade racing needs, and leave Speed Kings for some other schmuck that doesn’t know any better to test-crash on his/her own.

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