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  • Summary: New York City has been invaded and only Spider-Man can save it. The fate of New York is in your hands...Take Control. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gives you an unprecedented level of gameplay choice, including, for the first time, control over the game's direction and outcome. Choose how Spider-Man fights, which powers to upgrade, who in the Marvel universe to fight with or against, and the fate of New York City itself. Choose wisely. [Activision] Expand
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  1. 70
    A welcome throwback to the Spider-Man games of old. More than a few times I found myself using the D-pad to hop around an enemy and reminiscing about playing Spider-Man on my SEGA Genesis. The action is simple, but the quirky humor, Spidey's trademark verbal jabs, and slick style make the game a lot of fun to play.
  2. Web of Shadows isn't as immersive as some of the 3D Spider-Man titles, and its repetitive combat and level structure could turn off some players in the long-term. But it's a solid rental, no question, and should definitely be played by fans of the GBA version of Spider-Man 3.
  3. For those in search of single-player fun, Web of Shadows is an entertaining PS2 title, while not offering a whole lot of functions. There is absolutely no two-player action or any modes other than playing through the storyline with three different skill levels.
  4. That the story and dialogues are actually quite good might make the game bearable or even enjoyable to play, but unless you’re very young or don’t play games much there’s really very little to recommend here.
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  1. chrisj
    May 29, 2009
    although it has a lot of heroes and villains and has a lot of action. i personaly think that they ripped us off cause its not the same as the others. the thing that dropped its rating for me was the graphics. i wanted to play the 3D version not the 2D version. 2D sucks!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  2. EddyS
    Nov 3, 2008
    This game is nothing but a side scroller, do not get it if you are looking to experience the game that is advertised for the PS3 and Xbox360 because you may be very disapointed....I was. Collapse
  3. Dvr88
    Oct 26, 2008
    dont buy this game for ps2. its like them really old spidey games and nothing like spiderman 2 open world. the company have done no work on the ps2 ver and just wanna take ur money. although if you like old school sega genesis spidey then buy but dont expect spiderman 2 type gameplay. Expand
  4. Nov 8, 2014
    One of the worst videogame of all time.Horrible 2D levels and an horrible story.horrible,horrible,horrible,is the worst Spider-Man videogame ever.The worst. Expand