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  • Summary: Racing at speeds over 170 MPH on dirt, this is the proving ground for NASCAR drivers. Shoulder to shoulder sprint car racing makes for spectacular crashes, and white-knuckle driving. Start as a small town star and work your way up through the ranks to become a national legend. [Sony]
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  1. Decent controls, cool (but repetitive) vehicles, and appropriate gameplay guidelines are this game’s strongest features. The lack of track variety, however, doesn’t give the player much to do.
  2. A decent fit for sprint car enthusiasts, Road to Knoxville is too stripped-down and too single-minded for anyone else.
  3. This is a racing game that's not fun. It's basic, tasteless, and doesn't use any creativity with its cool cars it's focusing on in the game.
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  1. Saurus
    Oct 7, 2006
    Outstanding game. Bonus vehicles are OK. The racing is very similar to Ratbag's Saturday Night Speedway. A very nice offset to the hard to find WoO 2002. Some tracks are virtually identical to there real life counterparts. Others, like Supermotoplex (Bristol), are obviously knock-offs of real tracks that they did not get licensing approval for. I'm glad the designers did that, allowing more venues and better racing. Expand
  2. Andyman
    Aug 10, 2006
    What a great surprise this game turned out to be! Not only does it cover 3/4 midgets, modifieds, and sprints, but it has a TON of unlockable items as well! To top it all off, the racing is always intense, and each track is very true to its real-life counterpart. The game is a 10, but I'm knocking it 1 point for not having a USAC or WoO license. Even without recognizable drivers/cars in the game, it's still a complete blast to play. If you like oval dirt racing at all, you MUST get this game. Expand