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  1. 50
    For a game with so many features, its greatest accomplishment may be using them to be so mundane. Even for fans of the stealth genre anxious for something new, this piece of Spy Fiction makes only an amusing diversion at best.
  2. Had Access Games come up with a better way to implement the disguise system, and eliminated all of the minor problems, Spy Fiction could've been a winner.
  3. Cheat Code Central
    Not only will the story compel you but you'll never tire of the gameplay as there is always something new and exciting around the next corner not to mention interesting weapons and gadgets to use.
  4. Though it tries to emulate many of the signature elements of its peers, it ends up a bit of a disappointment.
  5. The sad thing about Spy Fiction is that it almost gets interesting. There are some plot twists and a few entertaining cutscenes that toy with the idea of actually drawing you into the game. But they come too little, too late. And they certainly aren’t enough to make up for an unfinished game.
  6. A mediocre game. Due to camera issues, a combat system that needs some tweaking, and various other flaws; I can't really recommend this to anyone.
  7. 60
    With its reliance on disguises and cool gadgets, the game brings a couple of interesting concepts to the stealth genre. It doesn't quite have the superb presentation or tight gameplay to fully back them up, but we're sure another title will "borrow" the best from this game and improve on it.
  8. 60
    A friendly but flawed rehash of "Metal Gear Solid" fused with several interesting (but poorly developed) concepts that intend to give the game a unique flavor but end up tasting stale. [Nov 2004, p.112]
  9. In a time when action games are becoming Hollywood material, it is unacceptable to release a game with such low production values.
  10. Borrows many of the concepts of Metal Gear Solid and incorporates them into its own formula which works well for it, but doesn't offer enough of its own identity.
  11. It offers a couple of neat mechanics to spice things up and should be enjoyable to the hardcore stealth fan, but others will probably find that they've seen most of this stuff before.
  12. 50
    Though it doesn't hit the graphical highs of the upcoming "Metal Gear Solid 3," the visual style is one of the few ways that Spy Fiction distinguishes itself from its parent series in a positive way.
  13. Spy Fiction is a mess. Beyond cheesy. Beyond embarrassing. Aggravating cutscenes and dialogue pull you right out of the story, while subpar controls and visuals sour the game experience.
  14. 73
    With a clunky camera and a slightly awkward weapon system the battles consist of throwing grenades and hoping to clear the area as fast as possible. In reality, the game goes much smoother when it deals with one enemy at a time or really just solving all of the puzzles.
  15. The problem with many of the conventions in Spy Fiction is that they don't make the game more fun. They just seem kind of strange and unnecessary, and feel like things that a little bit more effort in the game's design could have remedied.
  16. netjak
    As it is currently, Spy Fiction is just going to be slumming with "Cy Girls," "Lifeline" and the rest of the gimmicky MGS look-alike also-rans.
  17. PSM Magazine
    It tries hard, and there are some clever ideas, but too many design shortcuts ensure that Spy Fiction is still Roger Moore to "Metal Gear Solid's" Sean Connery. [Oct 2004, p.42]
  18. If you're looking for a killer stealth-action game to dethrone the great ones, Spy Fiction's not exactly it, but it should keep you busy until "Metal Gear Solid 3."
  19. Outsmarting enemies is not difficult when they are so myopic and stupid. Often just shooting adversaries, then hiding until the hullabaloo ends, is as successful a strategy as implementing a complex and cunning plan.
  20. 72
    The disguises and a few little touches here and there are nice; however, the third-person stealth genre is getting kind of stale, and, without some serious formula changes, there isn’t really enough here to make this game stand out from the competition.
  21. Weekly Famitsu
    7 / 7 / 7 / 7 - 28 [Vol 785]
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  1. Nov 1, 2014
    One of the best PS2 action game that i have played. Good graphic, atmosphere and very interesting story line. This is really one of myOne of the best PS2 action game that i have played. Good graphic, atmosphere and very interesting story line. This is really one of my favorite PS2 game. Full Review »