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  1. This is the game we have wanted to play since we got caught setting fire to teddy bears in 1984...An excellent multiplayer combat game, a tremendous Star Wars Experience.
  2. Nothing less than the realization of every Star Wars geek’s version of Cowboys and Indians.
  3. 86
    Just remember that the online play is where Battlefront shines the most.
  4. If you’re buying the game for its single player campaign, you’re making a big mistake. Battlefront falls apart when it comes to the single player game but doesn’t fail in bringing the online multiplayer action we’ve been dying for ever LucasArts started designing Star Wars games.
  5. 84
    While it offers these amazing spectacles, thrilling battles, and remains a great account of what Star Wars battles must have felt like, there simply isn't enough content to keep the game going for months or years after its release.
  6. 80
    All of the blasters sound different, as do the game's vehicles. It's a deeply immersive game in a lot of ways, and you'll actually feel like you're in the middle of a huge battle when in first-person view.
  7. 80
    The AI in the single player game is also pretty weak. This works both ways; not only does it mean you can mow down waves of enemies without getting touched, but when you need your teammates to help you capture a point, they're usually nowhere to be found.
  8. Aside from some texture and shadowing issues on PlayStation 2, Star Wars: Battlefront looks great. Its characters animate well and the environments capture the feel of the movie locations accurately – there's nothing quite like a heated battle in the treetop villages of Endor, especially when the odd Ewock is caught in a grenade blast (shame on us…).
  9. Delivers a satisfying team-based shooter experience that many hardcore Star Wars fans will probably enjoy greatly.
  10. PSM Magazine
    Tuning or gameplay shortcomings aside, this feels so much like those exciting, chaotic, "Star Wars" battles that it's almost irresistible. [Oct 2004, p.24]
  11. Edge Magazine
    Those accustomed to the adult world of online PC gaming may have reason to sniff at the more streamlined play, but Pandemic has given consoles a whole new genre, pretty much perfectly formed... No game has ever felt quite so much like playing with Star Wars figures. [Nov 2004, p.102]
  12. It's Star Wars with a proven and well-executed game concept. And if that's not enough to persuade you, you're able to murder Ewoks. Enjoy.
  13. games(TM)
    So much more about Battlefront manages to impress than disappoint – from the solid gameplay to the overall application of the Star Wars universe, which has been done with so much care and attention that even the most hardened fan will be satisfied. If only all Star Wars games could be made this way. [Nov 2004, p.100]
  14. But for those of you avid Star War fans who were expecting something spectacular this one just doesn't have all the right ingredients.
  15. The game is extremely fun to play, I just don’t know how many times a person can try to destroy or protect the generator shields on Hoth before growing bored.
  16. Controlling vehicles is actually easier and more fun than controlling the various soldiers. Some of these are a bit tricky to manuever, but for a game using so many different kinds of objects to control, Lucas got this down pretty well.
  17. A visually stunning game that will keep many Star Wars fans happy for many hours. My biggest complaint is that once you’re not in the various crafts the game can be a little boring and you find yourself dreaming the AT-ATS.
  18. The graphics may be of a lesser quality and the frame rate may not be as stable as on a good PC system, but as someone who doesn't give a whit about graphics and only mentions them for the sake of completeness, I can say I would vastly prefer the PS2's increased ease of use over the PC's unbelievably difficult interface.
  19. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's a truly beautiful game, too, spanning from the lush forest of Ewok-infested Endor the to the Tatooine desert (complete with hostile Tusken Raiders.) And it's just plain cool to see Darth Vader walking around kicking ass. [Nov 2004, p.124]
  20. If Lucasarts can tame its networking quirks, deepen the map selection, and iron out a few of its weapons and class wrinkles, Battlefront stands the chance of being the most addictive online game since "Counterstrike."
  21. Game Informer
    This is one of those games that is successful in the delivering of instant action, but doesn't offer up much in terms of depth. If you thrive off the online deathmatch scene, you'll fall head over heels in love with Battlefront. [Oct 2004, p.121]
  22. An intense blast of pure Star Wars.
  23. That whole “live the battles” slogan surrounding this game? It’s actually true. Who’d have thought there would be truth in advertising?
  24. The maps are huge, which spreads the several-hundred-man army battles out quite nicely.
  25. Oddly captivating in its mediocrity. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll undoubtedly have a blast reliving the epic conflicts of the Star Wars universe, but at the same time you might find it a little too frustrating to enjoy and I could sympathize with that.
  26. There are a number of nagging issues I have with the online mode. First and foremost there are no basic features like friend lists or clan support.
  27. We're underwhelmed by the game mechanic and bot AI but there's a good online game in there if you've got the hardware. Shame about everyone else. [PSM2]
  28. If you are a hardcore online player, Battlefront should have you traveling that galaxy far, far away. Unless you fall into that category or you are just a die-hard Star Wars geek, give the game a test drive from your local rental store.
  29. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    When playing offline, the best time to be had is during the historical campaign, which offers a Star Wars history lesson. [Nov 2004, p.114]
  30. 80
    Though heinous sitting-duck A.I. keeps the single-player experience a bit wan, waging galactic civil war over the internet with real live people destroys, despite slight technical flaws and cumbersome aerial vehicle controls.
  31. 80
    The game succeeds admirably in terms of offering a fine selection of firefight features under any configuration.
  32. The various combatants are well-balanced and there is a huge variety of vehicles and aircraft to pilot, including X-wings, TIE fighters, speeder bikes and hulking AT-STs.
  33. The maps offer opportunities for strategy and the online battles are a blast.
  34. Even though its brand of battlefield warfare is by no means new, it’s still plenty of fun and a must for Star Wars nerds. Just don’t be fooled by any claims that Battlefront contains a viable single-player experience. This is an online game, period, and if you can’t get online, then this isn’t the game you are looking for. Move along.

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  1. May 22, 2011
    This game is great everyone whose played it at my house love it a great game although the vehicles are quite strong but rockets can destroyThis game is great everyone whose played it at my house love it a great game although the vehicles are quite strong but rockets can destroy them overall it's a great game buy it Full Review »
  2. Feb 10, 2014
    Best Star Wars game ever, and one of the best on the PS2. It's dirt cheap now so buy it. DICE is making a new Battlefront, so yeah, it's goingBest Star Wars game ever, and one of the best on the PS2. It's dirt cheap now so buy it. DICE is making a new Battlefront, so yeah, it's going be be awesome (just pray to God that EA won't screw it up). Full Review »
  3. DevinP.
    Jul 10, 2005