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  • Summary: The galaxy is in turmoil as the events of Star Wars: Episode II rapidly approach. Mace Windu dispatches one of the Council's top Jedi - Adi Gallia - to investigate disturbances in the Karthakk system, as a secessionist movement threatens to expand. Using the Republic's new prototype Jedi starfighter, Adi Gallia sets out on missions which lead into events depicted in the Star Wars: Episode II film. She quickly gains an upper hand in space battles through Force powers, but will these be enough to counter the massive fleet of the evil Captain Toth and a mysterious figure that threatens the very foundations of the Galactic Republic system? [LucasArts] Expand
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  1. 90
    The excellent reward system almost makes up for strange feeling of deja vu, and the two-player mini-games are better polished than last year, but you won't find anything terribly new in Jedi Starfighter.
  2. An awesome package of gameplay, sound, and story to improve greatly on an already attractive package. Bravo LucasArts, bravo indeed.
  3. The game gives you nothing new beyond the usual attack or defend missions but it is still just as enjoyable as the original.
  4. The added force powers are handy, but they don’t dramatically change the way the game is played.
  5. A very well executed and polished rehash of a formula that is in dire need of something new or unique to take the franchise to the next level.
  6. 80
    While the gameplay is still overly derivative of games like "Colony Wars" and "Wing Commander," and doesn't quite capture the "Star Wars" feel in the same way the "Rogue Squadron" games do, it's a massive step in the right direction.
  7. Seeing [the Force] used within the cockpit of a spaceship just doesn't give the desired effect. [May 2002, p.103]

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