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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 36
  2. Negative: 19 out of 36
  1. 40
    The game's multiplayer and arcade modes are both valiant attempts at providing replayability, but neither are varied or deep enough to keep anyone but the most frantically bored or underexposed gamer entertained for longer than five minutes.
  2. There's an arcade mode, which is identical to the main one but with a level select, as well as a multiplayer mode, but my friends would all get horribly offended if I asked them to play this.
  3. A well done blast of intense action gaming that should keep genre fans occupied for a while. The plot isn’t going to win any awards, but its twists and turns are compelling enough to keep you playing throughout the tougher sections.
  4. The animation is jerky and robotic. The dialog is juvenile but the voiceacting is some of the worst I've heard. The director must have been sick that day and let the non-English-speaking cleaning lady handle voiceover recordings.
  5. Flaws like this keep State of Emergency 2 from being anything more than a straightforward third-person shooting gallery. [Jun 2006, p.92]
  6. I would rather be subjected to a week long insurance seminar with Enya music in the background than play this game again, ever.
  7. Emergency 2's narcoleptic gameplay serves as the ultimate pacifier. [Apr 2006, p.101]
  8. This game belongs back in the era when it was acceptable for a game's storyline to be summed up by "The president has been kidnapped by ninjas". The graphics are decent, but just about everything else is outdated, clichéd, or deeply flawed.
  9. The most striking thing about SOE2 is its tragic pointlessness. As a sequel in a franchise that is almost entirely unloved, in a world where there are countless games which do any part of this game better, it's sad to think that a group of people developed it, because then we'd have to blame them for putting out such a diabolical piece of cack.
  10. Playing through State of Emergency 2 is a lot like watching a decent actor try to produce a real performance in a straight-to-video horror movie. [Apr 2006, p.122]
  11. From instantly spawning enemies, to their mindless A.I., to control that misses its mark, State of Emergency 2 is a study in bad developmental decisions.
  12. When blood effects are one of the chief highlights of a game, you know there may be something wrong. Not even the multiplayer, which suffers from the same issues of control and additional problems of slowdown, can save this sinking ship.
  13. At least it's not as purely unbearable as the first, packing a few neat ideas like the ability to use vehicles to mow down enemies and the balancing between different freedom fighters in your crew.
  14. Although there's an attempt to get everyone involved in the action - via a very basic command system - it really just feels like a third-person shooter full of headless chickens. [June 2006, p.80]
  15. A good way to kill some time and is worth giving it a run for its money.
  16. State of Emergency 2 replaces the first game's ultraviolent and fancy-free nature with a cavalcade of lame trial-and-error-based missions, a lousy plotline, and dated technology.
  17. 40
    Even at $29.99 and with an arcade mode that might keep you amused for five or ten minutes, State of Emergency 2 feels simultaneously stale and awkward. It isn't complete trash, but it is too aggravating and unimaginative to be worth more than a Friday night rental.
  18. State of Emergency 2 deserves a spot right next to 25 To Life, 187: Ride or Die, and Final Fight Streetwise as another title that's an urban nightmare for all the wrong reasons. Stop buying them, and hopefully they'll go away.
  19. There are just too many flaws within the good ideas they had. There isn’t enough lasting appeal, or any real excitement, to recommend this one to anybody.
  20. State of Emergency is messier than the day after a riot. New gamers will be turned off by the trial and error game play while fans of the original won't recognize this mission-based sequel. Either way, just avoid this completely average PlayStation 2 game!
  21. But returning with an action shooting game that everyone's seen before dozens of times and better too doesn't work. It hasn't worked so well before when others have done it and it certainly doesn't work now when State of Emergency 2 does a half-assed job at thinking it can be better by renovating what made the first game so special: its rioting.
  22. State of Emergency 2 outright sucks. This is a game so weak in execution, bland, repetitively constructed and poorly balanced that one wonders how it made it out of testing alive.
  23. 53
    A mediocre game. It doesn't really do anything entirely wrong, per se (aside from the terrible AI), but it doesn't do anything that a million other action games haven't already done much better.
  24. The gameplay changes, ludicrous storyline, clunky controls and horrible presentation, however, may have polarized the game’s potential audience.
  25. This is one of those games when you're looking to blow off some steam or feel the need for some senseless violence, you can run to your local game rental shop and pick up for the weekend.
  26. Wildly derivative and senselessly exploitative, SOE2 neither challenges nor entertains. Thug gaming at the very lowest level. [May 2006, p.81]
  27. It's just a veil of mediocrity used to cover what amounts to a crazed-crowd simulator. No, wait, that actually sounds too fun for a game like this. [Jun 2006, p.92]
  28. 15
    State of Emergency 2 is worse than its predecessor and has almost no redeeming features. We're hoping this is the end of the franchise because the gameplay is seriously outdated.
  29. The control is good, but there is no jump or evasive maneuvers making SOE 2 an altogether innocuous, all too familier assault. [Apr 2006, p.62]
  30. Nothing in SoE2 is more than mediocre, except perhaps its profanity count. [May 2006, p.75]
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  1. Nov 15, 2011
    i can not believe there is not a third. This game is underrated for no reason. I love it and its very entertaining. Worth the money, and great for its time graphics and very nostalgic like. Full Review »