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  • Summary: Stolen is an ultra realistic, third person, stealth-based, action game based around a high-tech female thief. Along with innovative high-tech stealth/robbery game actions and events, Stolen also boasts some truly amazing technical and presentational features to give it a spectacular look that will captivate gamers. Play the role of a Hollywood-style thief with a host of athletic and martial abilities. Break into and out of movie-like locations and steal priceless items. Use atmospheric real time volumetric shadow technology to hide from your enemies. [Hip Games] Expand
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  1. If hardcore stealth is your game, satisfaction is guaranteed. [June 2005, p.57]
  2. The levels and missions are equally unremarkable, which makes for yet another promising stealth title that doesn't live up to its potential. [June 2005, p.127]
  3. It's not "Splinter Cell," but it's similar enough to be familiar and different enough to be reasonably fresh. [July 2005, p.77]
  4. A slow, moderately discomforting wheelbarrow ride into an Xbox-green sludge-pool of grump-making mediocrity. [PSW]
  5. Sadly, encounters with enemy AI - particularly in combat - are by far the weakest link in an otherwise enjoyable effort. [Apr 2005, p.98]
  6. The silly parts in Stolen make up most of the game. There are some truly neat stealth bits but my feeling is that they were sloppily inserted into an adventure fraught with ridiculous AI hi-jinx and an unbelievable and really, negligible storyline.
  7. A grubby looking, badly conceived and hastily programmed game that does nothing for the genre except add unnecessary limitations. [Apr 2005, p.110]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 2 out of 7
  1. SamuraiSlash
    May 16, 2005
    I rented this game yesterday and absolutely LOVE IT! I think it is was a very unique and suspenseful experience so far. Anya's sexy moves and gadgetry make her a high-tech super thief to be reckoned with. It's kind of like Mission Impossible meets Tomb Raider with a bit of Tenchu tossed in for good measure. The atmosphere is positively riveting and the sound is excellent as well. The graphics are refreshingly outstanding and the level of detail is a sheer joy to behold. One key factor in game design has to be the shadows that naturally cascade from each character's every move. It's just beautiful, man. They add a subtle level of realism that more games should incorporate into their design. And what a joy it is to roll through the shadows behind a guard, spring to your feet and choke him silly. It's brilliant that they wake up after a short period of time because this really puts the pressure on. Think about it, you're breaking in and stealing priceless loot. Would it make any sense to leave a pile of dead guards behind you? Of course not. You're mission, so to speak, is to get in sight unseen, grab the goods and get outta there. There are no "enemy's", just hapless guard with big beer bellies who love sports and complain about their wives. Pretty damn realistic if you ask me. Folks are complaining about the guard's AI? Haa! How many security guards do you know who graduated from Harvard or Yale. Their not Navy Seals or Mercs... they're stupid, lazy security guards. This isn't MGS and isn't meant to be. It's a completely original, high-concept gaming experience that creates tension and forces you to concentrate on your every move. Remember, the true enduring element of any game is the "gaming experience." When you play the game does time seem to stand still? Do you get so wrapped up in it that you grow a long white beard? Alright, that may be pushin' it a tad but my point is valid. This game made me feel like I was seriously under pressure to silently steal precious objects and evade all security personnel and have one great hellova time doing so! Now I must say, I haven't finished it yet because I turned it off to go meet this very HOT chick at her place for some "real" action but I'm sure you'll understand. Even a super-thief knows when to take a break. Ahem... anyway, after playing it for nearly 4 hours all I can say is so far it's the next best thing to sex. I can't wait to get back to it and finding out what's around the next slick, well-designed, intensely moody and mysterious corner. This game is fantastic and I'm quite the experienced gamer, trust me. Never mind buying it, it appears to be too short a game to drop that kinda dough but is it worth renting? Hell yeah!! It's not a mad action thriller, it's a riveting, suspenseful adventure where you're meant to, as the game advertises... infiltrate - steal - vanish. What more can I say, I'm giving it a 9 and if you're up 4-da challenge... go rent it.. like NOW! I'd give it a 10 except for my ONLY, minor complaint and this is one no one seems to get perfect anyway and that, my friends is... you guess it. Camera angles. Ah, when will they get it right.;-) Expand
  2. MartinP.
    Apr 3, 2005
    **Note: This game is already out in the UK and it's this version which I have played. Straight off, you are going to read some bad reviews for this game. It will be criticised for the bits and pieces it nicks from Splinter Cell and the platform elements that taste more than a little of PoP. No doubt some magazines will cast it into the same bin as Rouge Ops and Spy Fiction but that is not where it deserves to be. This game is good, very good, well for what you get. The graphics are superb even if feeling Splinter Cell-esque with the light shining through blinds against a wall and so forth, but that can't detract from the detail and clarity throughout the game. It even manages to get rid of most of the horrible jaggy edges that high-detail PS2 games often suffer from. In terms of gameplay, Stolen achieves everything we can imagine the developers wanted it to. The previously mentioned PoP style platforming whilst not as frequent as I would have personally liked is fun and rarely frustrating. When it is it's usually because you are looking for that complex set of leaps and swings when all you need to do is get into an air vent. Frequent use of the look function however means you should be able to see these and theres plenty of them, maybe a few too many. Combat is simple but that is not what this game is about at all, the simple 3 hit combo is merely there to help you out when you screw up. The absense of guns will at first confuse stealth fans, at least it did me, but when you realise you aren't really struggling the question comes into mind "If the lack of combat is eliminating the challenge, then maybe that's all that makes other stealth games have any". This leads to much deep thought about Western military based games and indeed the entire cosmos. The stealth is however perfectly executed, Anya's gadgets and whistling move provide original ways to distract and avoid gaurds. You can shoot out lights with one of your gadgets, which some will whine about being "Stolen" from Splinter Cell and other lame jokes but it is intigrated well but is only one of the ways you can find your way around. There's even absailing, mission impossible zip line bits and hacking, safe cracking, pickpocketing and metal cutting mini-games that provide variety. It sounds perfect so far huh, the massive problems comes in it's longevity. It tells it's story but on the other hand there could have been so much more story to tell. The four levels are big yes but that won't stop you completing it easily within an afternoon. Unlike the original MGS, this proves an annoyance when you've shelled out for the game as there aren't any "VR Mission" type things to keep you busy afterwards. You can go back and try to get all of the items hidden on gaurds and in lockers but with the only incentive being further concept art you won't feel compelled to do so. In conclusion then, Stolen is a fantastic game with variety and style that newbies to the genre often lack. It takes stuff thats been done before but moulds it together to create a complete and intrigueing stealth experience, chucking in many oringal aspects. The story too is original and the graphics are up with the big boys. However, longevity problems, no matter how often one says "quality over quantity", hold it back from being great. By every other standard however the game succeeds. Every bone in my body hopes we will get to see more of Anya (hint hint Blue 52) but in the mean time this outing will make you smile and gasp and within it's four levels of length still manages to deserve and 8. Expand
  3. MichaelV.
    Apr 8, 2005
    Apart from a slightly flawed camera this is very good, the main character's gymnastics work well, the levels are moody and attractive. A lot of magazines have trashed this game but it's not bad at all and has much more charisma than Splinter Cell. An essential purchase for stealth fans. Expand
  4. AndyP.
    Apr 26, 2005
    Just got through playing it. All I can say is I'm about to start it again. Maybe I'm a little biased. I don't know. I've been looking forward to this game since I saw the previews. Being a cat burglar seemed an interesting take on the stealth genre which hasn't been explored all that much. The only game I can think of is Thief and its sequels (and they're in a medieval setting). Then all these bad/mediocre reviews came in and I was a little nervous. But I took the plunge, and am very glad I did. One of the more enjoyable experiences I've had. Judging from all the reviews, I must be the only person who actually liked this game. I can only conclude they're looking at this game through Sam Fisher's green triple night vision goggles. Firstly, I'll agree this game's not as good/polished as MGS or Splinter Cell, and those pretty much define the stealth genre. But all these reviewers gave higher scores to Rogue Ops and Spy Fiction. I did enjoy playing those somewhat (like stealth games generally) but there's absolutely no way Stolen is inferior to those. First off, a couple of bad points. I felt the AI could be improved. There were times when I went through a door and they didn't follow into the next room. Also, they repeat the same phrases over and over and sometimes I'm wasn't sure what their plan for searching a room was. There were also a couple of minor bugs - nothing serious. Lots of people claim it has nothing new to offer, but I don't believe this to be true. While there are obvious influences from other sources (radar, acrobatics like PoP), there isn't a stealth game featuring an acrobatic lead character besides this. Nor can I think of a game where you're not permitted to kill anyone (a game called Picassio was supposed to work along similar lines but got canceled about two-three years ago). Also, I've never seen anything like the sonic vision before, and I like the implementation of the tracking devices (so you don't know automatically where the guards are when you first enter a new area). Most of the reviewers' complaints seem leveled against the guards waking up after a period of time. But how easy would it be if you could permanently disable them (especially if you could a gun). There'd be no tension whatsoever (sort of goes hand in hand with a heist scenario). I really enjoyed hacking, lockpicking etc. under pressure. Never felt safe. The minigames are all fun and are an excellent addition. I also like the flashlights that light up the dark areas. Those made me nervous a lot and you're never truly safe in the shadows. I think this is an intelligent sneaker game where you have to employ tactics, remain unseen, and not 'cheat' by disabling the opposition. It's quite short if you do the bare minimum but difficult to get all the loot while maintaining a good rating. A shame the developers Blue 52 went under. I feel this could have been near perfect if they'd had to the time to improve some of the AI. As it is, I'd call it very good. Certainly, the scores of 5 or so Stolen's getting are ridiculously harsh. I'd give it an 8 (just). It's a highly commendable first effort. All I can say is don't base an opinion solely on what reviewers think. If you're a stealth fan, I'd say definitely give it a rental. You might even like it. Expand
  5. JoeyF.
    Feb 23, 2006
    wanted to know how it would turn out in the end so I played until I finished. Stolen, or the concept of Stolen is an interest of mine, it's sneaky, calm but there's action too. Expand
  6. GrahamK.M.
    May 29, 2005
    What is with all of these high user reviews? I rented this game, had to fight my way through the artrociously lacking first level, then was forced to return it a day early and didn't care, that's how bug-ridded and un-fun to play this game is. What's even worse is that nobody can be killed... except you. And even worse than that is the horrendous amount of backtracking and safecracking and other insanely boring tasks that make this game more of a chore to play than anything else. A chore like cleaning toilets... with your tounge. That's how much it hurts. Of course, Stolen is an idea that could have had quite a bit of potential. There are more than enough cool new quirks to make it stand out from the rest of the genre, from actual acrobatics in a stealth game (hear that Sam Fisher?) to some cool ways to crack safes and such. Unfortunately, these all get old really fast, making Stolen a good idea with such poor implementation that you have to dig through piles and piles of pure crap to get any fun out of it. And combat? Don't even get me started! "Punch punch kick... mash the triangle button... punch punch kick. oops, wrong angle, I'm .0000000000000003 degrees off, better button mash some more... ooh, I died." Well, what did you expect with such pussy fighting? It was as if the developers said; "Hey, let's see how much we can annoy our consumers!!! I've got this great idea for a crappy new game..." Expand
  7. Andyo
    Nov 1, 2005
    This is the deal, Stolen is a sham of a game though some concepts are somewhat intriging this game is no different than a trend game simply put out to make a select few some money to invest into hopefully a better game. Don't get me wrong I love stealth games the harder the better but there is always a fine line between unrealistic and fun. Obviously you don't want a game to be so unrealistic that the fun factor is non existent and you dont want a game to be so realistic it is no longer fun. This is one of those games. There is no way to kill guards, fine, 0 body count but then why not knock them out for any significant amount of time. This game would be awesome 5 years ago but after the dominence of the MGS Machine this game with lack of a better discription is toilet paper but not the soft fluffy kind but the kind hospitals have that is like sand paper. This is a bad game. Give the makers credit though they have to put there name on it and it will be burned into a long list of failures when they try to find a better job in another gaming company and the employer will look at that long piece of garbage resume and come to this game, then they will quietly remove you from the office and burn the thought that this game ever existed out of there memory. For all the unfortunates like myself who purchased this game in hopes of a fun, and enjoyable experience, please smash this game and burn it in hopes that it does not fall into the hands of any other person hoping for a good game. For the good of the planet. To the creators of this game, please don't quit your day job, you'll do much better at Burger King anyways and do us all a favour put any remaining copies in the deep fryer for about say ...6 months. Expand