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  1. 51
    A standard and uninspired licensed title with some quickly thrown-together platforming action...Just good enough for the audience it's targeted for.
  2. 80
    The levels may be somewhat linear and the lack of a checkpoint system is kind of harsh, but the overall level of quality and the presentation offered make this one a game that girls between the ages of four to ten could easily enjoy.
  3. The game is very repetitious. Colorful and bright but not exactly innovative.
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  1. InesD.
    Nov 26, 2006
    My daughters really love strabwerry shortcake so we bought immediatelly this game, what can I say...... very very very boring, too colorfuul and bright, there are only 4or 5 level, so easy that my kids could end the game in 3 hours! do not buy this game just a waist of money.....if you are big fan of her, just rent it firs! Full Review »