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    The Hustle still has plenty of great ingredients to work with. I would definitely like to see a next-gen attempt at this franchise. The game itself is solid enough. The screws just need tightening.
  2. It was more compelling on the PSP since no one else had even made an attempt to represent the game on the system up to that point, but with dozens of different pool games available for consoles at a near-universal budget price, many of which are vastly superior in terms of gameplay quality, The Hustle: Detroit Streets becomes thoroughly unnecessary.
  3. 40
    Despite being a good pool game, the fact that you have to live with the horribly conceived setting and sloppy controls makes The Hustle: Detroit Streets a play out like a missed opportunity.
  4. The Hustle might aim to be an affordable budget diversion, but even a bargain price can't make this deeply flawed game worth buying.
  5. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    The "budget" price of $20 is about $15 too much. [Aug 2006, p.75]
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  1. Mar 13, 2013
    I have read the other review on this game from the pros but they know games and game play they do not look at the game from a target audianceI have read the other review on this game from the pros but they know games and game play they do not look at the game from a target audiance stand point just technical and that is cool for some people but if you are a pool player in real life you can understand why where and how this game plot works perfectly. I actually love this game because I am pool hall junkie I go to a pool hall from the time I get off work till they throw me out literally. The awesome thing about this game is the reality of it. In other words the geometry, physics and story line are perfectly spot on. I actually use this game to practice my angles speeds and English not too mention the trick shots! I have actually sat at home and played this game for an hour or so before going to tournaments and it helps me win them! So as far as from a gamers stand point its not great but from a real gambling pool players insight it is the best pool playing GAME there is next to real life. The awesome part of this game is if you seriously pay attention to it while your playing and then go to a real table it boosts your ability and in return boosts your confidence. Which is key to being a good pool player or hustler. Full Review »