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  1. While annoying, the lock-ups don't really do much to dampen how outlandishly fun the game is. If you like the Hulk and you enjoying destroying things, you'll enjoy your time with The Incredible Hulk, even if you have to reset the system from time to time.
  2. For those who already own Ultimate Destruction for their PS2 console, purchasing this sequel will only lead to disappointment.
  3. 42
    "Ultimate Destruction" was on the PS2 as well, but it still had a beautifully rendered, detailed city that was fully visible from any rooftop -- and a blast to wreak havoc on. Instead of building on that better game, though, Incredible Hulk is a weak attempt at mimicking it.
  4. You won't like it when this simplistic, repetitive, and occasionally broken game makes you angry.
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  1. Jul 11, 2013
    horrible and humiliating the version of the ps2 pc and Wii is just horrible. I hate Sega. they are horrible game company. before a long while ago they were good but now I just hate them so much.
    do not buy this game on ps2 I repeat do not buy this on ps2.
    the ps3 version is really good its like 8 /10
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