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  • Summary: KOF2000's Party Mode and Memory Mode are available only for PS2 version. In Party Mode, you can try to beat opponents with limited power. In Memory Mode, you can enjoy opening introductions of the past KOF series. Additionally, you may get unexpected characters as strikers! KOF 2001, The last 3rd of "Nests Story" started from "KOF '99" appears on PS2. With "4vs. 4 Tactical Order Select" and "Wire Damage," KOF2001 has newly accomplished evolution. "Party Mode" and "3-D Polygon Backgrounds" are available. [SNK Playmore] Expand
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  1. It's not significantly superior to 2000, but we defy any fighting game fan not to be totally entertained and impressed by the scope for astonishingly satisfying and complex battles in both titles.
  2. Regardless of its presentation, The King of Fighters 2000/2001 contains two solid ports of two great 2D fighting games, and the two-disc compilation retails at a very reasonable suggested price of $40.
  3. Ultimately, the main reason to pick up this 2-pack is its "bang for the buck." Two excellent fighting games for $30 is a bargain.
  4. A game that is generally easy to control, but that has a lot of issues when it comes to the finer movements usually associated with the special attacks and combos used by most characters.
  5. These two versions of SNK’s long-running franchise compensate for their outdated visuals and muffled sounds with well-honed and rewarding gameplay that’s as hard as it is rewarding if you’re into this type of game.
  6. It feels good on the PS2 pad, even, though a joystick is (of course!) preferable.
  7. The bigger problem is that 2000 and 2001 aren't the best games in the series. [Jan 2004, p.123]

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