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    Cooperative multiplayer mode aside, there's no "new generation" style hook and the resulting play mechanics therefore don't feel fresh (especially after two prequels), but the fundamentals are sound and the presentation better than you expect.
  2. Spyro grows up, flies in company, goes farther, glides over wider scenarios, but he doesn't better himself. The trilogy ends in a videogame which keeps alive the prestige of the franchise, although the power of the dragon should be improved in the future.
  3. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon may have seen its better days but this game has about as much appeal as playing some of those older games from days gone by. With such a lack of creativity and new gameplay the game does not make for much fun and the PlayStation 2 version is no different than the PS3 version.
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  1. Feb 21, 2014
    Amazing series so far the ending was a cliff hanger teasing that there was going to be a 4th game I loved playing as Spyro and Cynder. It was really amazing being able to fly at anytime I been wanting a game where you could for a long time. It still bugs me that there wasn't a 4th. Full Review »
  2. Feb 22, 2013
    While different from past titles and it's darker theme Dawn of the Dragon is a very solid, original game with one of the best co-op gameplay I've ever played. The graphics, for a PS2 game is stunning with its divinely level design. The game however is slow and gets extremely frustrating because of the level of difficulty despite being at an early stage of the game. It can also get very boring, but nonetheless addicting as the co-op can keep you alive for hours. Despite it's cruel amount of difficulty, it is however a brilliant, stunning game. This is my first and only Spyro game I ever played, so consider my review completely unbaised. Full Review »
  3. Dec 18, 2012
    Usually when playing a game you enjoy while you play it, and you stop enjoying it when you aren't; that's not the case here. This game is so unrefined it's unbearable, but for some reason whenever you aren't playing it, it feels like you want to play the game again, you remember that you didn't have a good time but feel like you would next time you play it. I can play a bad game, but just not this one for some reason. Not to say that it is bad per se, but it definitely won't be remembered in a glorious light. Graphics: bad, they obviously weren't made to be ported to the ps2. Also, everything is so overly saturated and bright that it one could get a headache if they stay in a sunny grassy field for too long.

    Music: Not bad but not anything worth mentioning. It sounds like they were trying to give you a Lord of the Rings feeling through the music.

    Gameplay: Interesting design, not well executed. Story: Laughable, it takes itself way too seriously, and characters are also very annoying at times, and everyone seems to be completely oblivious to common logic.

    If you're going to get this game, at least get it for an hd console, at least then the graphics won't be so bland.
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