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  • Summary: Undertake a fantastic journey following the same path as the Fellowship in the book. Play as either Frodo, Aragorn, or Gandalf the Grey. As you take the fabled One Ring closer to its fate, you will explore the most dangerous wilds of Middle-earth from the Shire to the very edge of Mordor. [Universal Interactive] Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 19
  2. Negative: 4 out of 19
  1. A very big disappointment for gamers everywhere, because it is a lackluster effort for a game that had the potential to be awesome.
  2. This game will only suit hardcore fans of the J.R.R. Tolkien series.
  3. The game suffers from some repetitive missions with a lot of "fetch this and find that," plus many of the camera angles are finicky.
  4. Even though series fans may be pleased with the inclusion of missing scenes from the movie and faithfulness to the overall plot, I smell a rush job to the market here.
  5. But why Surreal Software decided to make the playing the game such hard work is anyone's guess. [GamesMaster]
  6. True fans of the books will look past the problems and enjoy the game. [Dec 2002, p.210]
  7. Even though the graphics and sound are splendid, the almost across-the-boards flat acting and boring enemies along with the used and abused game play elements combine for one lame game touting more of the same.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 11
  2. Negative: 6 out of 11
  1. SeaToad
    Aug 24, 2003
    BEST PS2 GAME EVER. hey! dont listen to the people saying "oh! i cant get past the nazgul" thats just hobbiton, what do u expect in the shire helms deep or something? GET THIS GAME. Expand
    Feb 16, 2003
    It is the one of the best games out there for the Playstation Two and if you're a fan of Lord OF the Rings well the this is a must have for your collection. Expand
  3. Nov 5, 2011
    For what it is it is fairly good,though it could have done with alot of polishing up.Its a gme you will either love our hate,but I would cautiously recommend it. Expand
  4. EldonT.
    Mar 7, 2004
    The game is an attempt. it's really bad in the beginning. about the only good thing about it was the fact that it meticulously followed the storyline. the game needs more fighting. i mean come on! you probably kill about 40 enemies tops. and most of it is just "go find this" and "retrieve that". gandalf's limited abilities kill whatever interest you had in playing him. in short: don't pay more than $6.99 for this "interactive experience". Expand
  5. Bunny1022
    Mar 9, 2003
    While i appreciate the attention to detail from the book, the game as an rpg sucks. the missions are pointless, the character design is laughable, and the camera angle are the worst ever, period. Do yourself a favor, if you MUST play this game do to some odd mental dysfunction you have, at least save yourself $50 and rent it. Expand
  6. Sam
    Sep 2, 2005
    GOD this game sucks. Anyone who likes it is a moron. Best PS2 game ever? They obviously haven't played any of the GTA's or Ratchet and Clanks. Decent graphics, but simple controls and awful gameplay dissapoint me. Expand
  7. hnfcx
    Jan 11, 2003
    This game is so bad I can't even give it a 1.

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