The Simpsons: Hit & Run PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: VU Games
  • Release Date: Sep 16, 2003
  • Also On: PC

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
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  1. It is, by a wide margin, the best put together Simpsons game that’s ever been released to the public. It fixes most of what many people found lacking with “Road Rage” and added new and better things to drawn in as wide a demographic as possible.
  2. 90
    Very fun and very funny; it deftly satirizes "Grand Theft Auto" while being almost as entertaining -- and it even bests GTA with its instant mission restarts, superior in-game navigation, and more easily accessible collection of vehicles.
  3. I never thought I’d say this but, this Simpsons game irrefutably, undeniably, and without question will rock your socks off.
  4. You'll be amazed at the game's developers' recreation of Springfield and appreciate their attention to detail in packing in so many references to episodes of the series.
  5. 84
    Almost everything in the game is related to something from one of the episodes, and in the end you get the impression that the developers have sat down and watched every episode of The Simpsons, placing small elements from each episode into the game.
  6. All the Simpsons references in the world would be a waste if the game play were trash. Just ask "Simpsons Skateboarding" on that one. Thankfully the game play is very tight, responsive, and easy to maneuver for rookies or vets.
  7. It's the Simpsons theme that gives it so much spunk and even though you can't kill people the game is still a blast to play.
  8. It creates the most accurate representation of the world of Springfield ever put into a game, and it manages to make the gameplay surrounding it quite a lot of fun. Additionally, the game's overall sense of humor is delightfully self-referential.
  9. Play Magazine
    Essentially the show in real time, Hit & Run is so grandiose in its expanse and artisitic rendering it appears altogether more appealing than TV allows - the mark of a truly great cross-over product. [Sept 2003, p.78]
  10. A solid script, good gameplay and a huge dose of humor makes this game stand out as a nice platformer. Unfortunately, technical issues prevent this game from truly standing out as exceptional.
  11. With very little in terms of side missions, this game is strictly a linear game. The sight gags, new story and new voice samples will make any Simpsons fan smile.
  12. The entire game is full of references to the TV series and the scripting/voice acting is perfect. It's mainly this reason that Hit And Run is so much fun to play, it's also why we're more than happy to ignore the GTA style.
  13. 80
    Hit & Run may have swiped nearly all of its gameplay ideas from "GTA," but the combination of the vast Simpsons universe liberally applied to the "GTA" formula is pure brilliance.
  14. GMR Magazine
    The indisputable highlight of Hit & Run is its hysterical dialogue, voice acted by the show's cast and crafted by the show's writers, but the gamelay doesn't suck by comparison. [Oct 2003, p.70]
  15. 80
    From the first tutorial moments to its satisfying special collector's reward, The Simpsons: Hit & Run drips with humor and excellent voice-acting by the original cast members. The missions can get a bit repetitive, but the car-and-driver gameplay is the best seen in television-inspired games.
  16. 80
    Though there are issues with the camera and some slight graphical hiccups, the easy control, extremely fun missions and number of unlockable goodies simply make this title a game that people need to have.
  17. 80
    While the missions in The Simpsons: Hit and Run can take on an air of sameness after a while and the pursuit scheme is less than completely thought out, the most startling thing we can note is that the gameplay stands on its own, Simpsons or no Simpsons.
  18. The game's wicked sense of humor (courtesy of the show’s writers/actors contributing their craft to the game) and Radical's virtual re-enactment of Springfield (along with its many inhabitants) will make even the most hardened "GTA III/Vice City" fanatic forget about the lack of weapons or mayhem.
  19. A genuinely amusing game, with plentiful dialogue from the show and fresh contributions from the cast, and for the fan there's a wealth of in-jokes and references (such as the Stonecutters' secret tunnel, or the burning pyre of tyres). [GamesMaster]
  20. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    The best part about the game, though, is that it's the first Simpsons title that approaches the entertainment value of the show itself. [Sept 2003, p.96]
  21. What it lacks in originality it more than makes up for with its fun and easy-to-pick-up game play that will appeal to fans of the long-running comedy.
  22. PSM Magazine
    In the best surprise we've had in months, The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a massive action adventure that truly rocks, proving that you can never judge a game by its licensed cover. [Nov 2003, p.43]
  23. A very polished and enjoyable product, and anyone with a passable interest in The Simpsons will appreciate the attention lavished on Hit & Run's details.
  24. 80
    The missions are bipolar: either incredibly easy or insanely difficult. Smithers is a boss for cryin' out loud!
  25. netjak
    The missions seem varied at first but then start to repeat with minor differences as the game progresses.
  26. The cool thing about games like this is the never-ending factor – you drive around Springfield forever exploring all the ins and outs.
  27. In all three console versions (which are identical), A.I. glitches aren't uncommon and the on-foot camera tends to get persnickety. The game looks and plays better while driving.
  28. Entertainment Weekly
    If some of the missions seem repetitive, others stand out, like the one that has you confiscating copies of a particularly violent videogame (wink, wink) corrputing Springfield's youth. [5 Sept 2003, p.L2T 22]
  29. The sheer wealth of Simpsons reference material saves Hit & Run from falling into the same trap the previous games had.
  30. The game is put together well, and despite some sore spots, it’s still the best Simpsons game on the market.
  31. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Hit & Run is so good at capturing the show's spirit and copying a great game ["GTA"] that it turns out to be real, honest-to-God fun for anyone who digs the show. [Oct 2003, p.140]
  32. Perhaps all of the limp comedy wouldn't be so offensive if the game did anything new in the gameplay department.
  33. Both a surprise and a disappointment. It is nice to see a Simpsons game that is finally worth playing - unfortunately, it is only worth playing for a few hours because anything after that sends the player tailspinning into a cul-de-sac of repetition.
  34. games(TM)
    There's just not enough to do besides the main tasks to justify stealing the GTA concept ... the distinct lack of content reduces the amount of enjoyment you'll get out of it. Better than you'd think, but still very basic. [Nov 2003, p.118]
  35. Sure, as we've mentioned a few times, the quality of the writing, the voices and the humour are absolutely spot-on, but rather than disguise the mediocre game within, this excellence merely serves to amplify the crushing disappointment of the one dimensional gameplay, and we're left wanting much, much more than this half arsed effort.

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#18 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2003
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 125 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 52
  2. Negative: 3 out of 52
  1. Aug 30, 2014
    I wasted my childhood on this game, it's still worth buying a PS2 for now so back then it was phenomenal it's probably one of the best gamesI wasted my childhood on this game, it's still worth buying a PS2 for now so back then it was phenomenal it's probably one of the best games I've played. Forget the Simpsons game that linear crap was worthless but this game is something else! Remember this is coming from one of the biggest Simpsons fans ever! Full Review »
  2. Yoonhohan
    Dec 14, 2003
    This game is cool. Homer is fat and he likes donuts.U should b able to kill people with a gun and u should b able to use da whole family inThis game is cool. Homer is fat and he likes donuts.U should b able to kill people with a gun and u should b able to use da whole family in simpsons at one same time. But its still da best game ever i guess. Full Review »
  3. Mar 24, 2014
    Fun, funny, charming, excellent controls, open world goodness, aesthetically pleasing, challenging enough. The best Simpsons video game everFun, funny, charming, excellent controls, open world goodness, aesthetically pleasing, challenging enough. The best Simpsons video game ever and a good alternative for children if you think the GTA games are too violent, which they are (for kids, anyway). Full Review »