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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    Slightly inferior to Battle For Bikini Bottom but nevertheless a great game and one of my all-time favourites. Special recognition to the music (this applies to BFBB as well)
  2. Mar 19, 2014
    One of my first games I've ever played and also one of my absolute favorites! They took Battle for Bikini Bottom and simply improved it! You can now upgrade your moves, the gameplay is a bit repetitive but exactly at the optimal degree! The music is very good the level design is rich in variety and the mechanics are just AWESOME. But year sometimes having to collect a few more goofy goober tokens sucks! Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2011
    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was an admittedly adequate movie, and so is its video game. Pros: Varied gameplay; hilarious; more depth in level design than Battle for Bikini Bottom. Cons: Still hideous graphics and visuals; lacks the depth in platforming its predecessor had.
  4. Nov 23, 2012
    The visual art style is a good one, and the voice acting and sfx is good. There was only a few glitches I encountered during my play time. The story is excellent, and it's just like the movie. The mission structure and level design work well. The controls and combat work good as well, and the game provides a real challenge. The game if you want to comeplete everything last about 13 hours, and the gameplay is varied. If you like spongebob games, then I highly recommend you give it a shot. Expand
  5. May 2, 2013
    I don't think there's a single person in the U.S. who doesn't know what SpongeBob is. So, after 5 years of success, Nickelodeon released a movie starring everyone's favorite sea critter. So, obviously, a video game came along. When developers make a movie based off a video game, you already know its gonna stink. I thought this game was. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a game with modest characters and storylines, charming graphics, and your usual Hawaiian-Dance-Electronic SpongeBob musical score. You know the story because you bought the game because you saw the movie, so I don't need to explain. You can play as either SpongeBob or Patrick while venturing through 18 levels. The levels and their mission are very creative, ranging from a toxic waste dump to an ice cream themed nuthouse. What's good about the movie is that the story doesn't get carried away to the point where it feels nothing like the movie, and I like that. There is some replay ability in this game for if you're a 100 percent type of person, you can go back and pick up treasure chests, that unlock all kinds of little SpongeBob goodies; sketches, movies, various noises the characters make and more. The enemies and half-pint villain are always hilarious, this game being no exception. The patty wagon and slope levels they've incorporated are amusing, and even the run, jump and collect levels can be fun. In this game, the item that's most important is the Goofy Goober tokens. This is the equivalent of Golden Spatulas in Battle of Bikini Bottom. Just like manliness points are shiny objects and treasure chests are inspired off of Patrick's socks. The game, in many respects, is Battle for Bikini Bottom 2. As much as I like this game, there are some issues. I think its almost too similar to Battle of Bikini Bottom. Sure, it has some new ideas, but it recycles too many things and just puts a new coat of paint on. Also, the first 3 bosses are kinda cheap. The first time I battled the frogfish, it only took me 2 minutes to beat him. It only took me 93 seconds to beat Dennis on the first try, and when I fought him on Hasslehoff, It only took me 55 seconds on the first try. (I timed all 3)The final guy was a decent challenge, but he seemed impossible compared to frogfish and Dennis. But if those are the 2 biggest problems, It must be good. And it is. Its probably one of the best film based games. My final rating would be a 7.4, but since this dumb thing wont let me give it that, I'll round and give it a 7. Expand
  6. Jan 24, 2014
    I think "what the heck, this is actually really good!" is a good description here. First off, ignore that this is a sponge-bob game. second off, ignore its a licensed game at all. Once you have done both those things, you have yourself one the best 3-D platformers on the PlayStation 2/GameCube generation.
  7. May 19, 2014
    Wow... A great movie based game?! You rarely get that these days! The graphics are beautiful, the music are just ear-melting, the gameplay itself really exciting. Ugh, I can't stressed this enough. This ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE is one of the best 3D platformer ever created and it's a must own for every PS2 owners.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 5 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Provides precious little depth, but as a way of getting the kids up out of their seats, the collection works nearly as well. [Jan 2005, p.106]
  2. The games are solid, responsive, and, most important of all, fun; but their similarities to previous titles holds it back.
  3. Almost the perfect party game. Up to eight kids can take part in it. Unfortunately only one at a time can play and that's why I say "almost" perfect.